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Sleep, Now Wake Up!

This piece belonged to a Sleep Doctor who would Insomniac patients. He used this like a pendulum that would allow them to fall into a deep sleep. Many patients kept commenting about their dreams while they were asleep; they felt as if they were living in another realm.

Dr. Cecilon never seemed to question too much about their dreams, he was just concerned with whether or not they were feeling revitalized when they woke up. A good friend of mine went to see Dr. Cecilon and told me about her experience; she did feel revitalized in the physical realm, but told me of her experience while under the hypnosis from this piece.

She told me that the doctor told her that many patients have had similar encounters, but that it is nothing to worry about; I wanted to check it out for myself and find out what she experienced!

I had an appointment with Dr. Cecilon on a Thursday, I was excited to have some time for myself and be able to relax.... I was looking at this as a day at the spa! Anyway, when the doctor pulled out the pendulum like necklace and started to relax me I went into another realm where I was projected and able to live out a new life. When I finally awoke in the office I could remember my whole experience.... I realized that the doctors relaxation tool held the power of lucid dreaming!

I inquired to the doctor about the piece and asked if he would consider selling it if I could replace it with something similar that could be used to relax people? He was very hesitant at first, he was afraid to change something that had worked for him for so many years, however I was able to convince him by telling him about the abilities of the piece and how it could be useful to someone who is looking to experience an alternate reality.

With a new piece in hand and some cash, of course, Dr. Cecilon gave me the piece. We have used this at Deedee's many times and have learned to live a separate life by waking up inside our dreams and living in the alternate reality ~

Get ready to let your hair down in a realm where you will not be judged!