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Young boy pin -

We discovered this piece during a cleansing ritual we performed at a nearby church. The clergy members felt that there was an evil presence lurking in the bell tower. The number of people attending the church drastically lessened and they wanted to get rid of the spirit.

Our team went and tracked the spirit with EMF meters and quickly learned that the presence was strong. The spirit wasn't evil however, it was just a young boy who fell from the bell tower 100 years ago to his death. A new denomination had recently took over the service at the church and was unaware of the boys accident that had occurred there so long ago.

The spirit guided us to a small pin that was inside the bell tower. This pin holds the boys spirit and he will be your spirit guide through life. Although he died at a young age he has encompassed great experience by inhabiting the church for centuries. You will be honored by the boy who just wants to be cared for and appreciated... get this piece and adorn it as if he was your own child or family member.

The more you cherish the boy, the more gifts of light you will receive! This piece is an incredible source of white light purity and will bring happiness to your life as long as you care for, William, the spirit of the boy.