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Mary Thorps pendant-

Mary and David Thorp of New Jersey started off with a wonderful life together. As a wedding gift Mary was taken by her mother to a Gypsy to buy a blessed jewelry item. Mary's mother bought her a locket that she hoped would bear pictures of her grand-children one day. The gypsy said that this was a protectant piece that would keep whoever wore it save and would bring peace of mind to their life.

Mary didn't believe in a piece having power, so in a time of need she sold the pendant for money. She never told her mother, but her life unfolded in a way where she wished the locket never left her side!

Mary and David did have children, but they lost two of them during a single month in 1825; David Hartfield (age 5), and Nancy Green (age 6). On March 5th of 1832 they suffered the loss of their son, Robert Condit (age 15); and barely having time to mourn lost their sons Joseph Hartfield Thorp (age 24), on April 21st, and Silos Craig Thorp (age 8), on May 10th.

After witnessing all but one of her children's die, Mary herself departed this life on August 23, 1832, at the age of only 47. Just two months later, in October of the same awful year, David Thorp (age 53) followed her to the grave. Their one surviving son, David Beecher Thorp, was left an orphan at the age of 3. The son lived to be only 30, when he too died.

The pendant that the gypsy empowered with luck for Mary has been past about for centuries. we bought the piece at an estate sale and learned the history and back story from performing a seance which brought about Mary's spirit. She said that she tracked the piece down from the other side and has inhibited the piece to make sure that whoever owns it believes in its ability to protect and keep a happy life.

Mary often wondered if her life would not have been filled with such tragic loss if she would have kept the locket and placed pictures inside. If you buy this piece you will get with it the power the gypsy placed in it to protect and also you will have Mary to look over you and your children --- you don't have to worry about her being bad luck, she learned through her hard life that you need to believe and admire strengths and she will help you do that!

Protect yourself and those that you love. Simply place a picture of those you want to have constant protection over and you will be blessed with peace of mind in knowing that they will be safe. If you are a parent, then this is a must buy piece!