Soucouyant Vampire

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Ever see a fireball streak across the sky late at night?  Did you dismiss it as a comet, a firefly, or simply your mind playing tricks on you?  Could it have been lights just dancing off of some object in the sky or are could you be losing your mind?  It is possible, BUT it could be something much more sinister.  In certain parts of the West Indies, specicfically Trinidad and Tobago, have seen these fireballs and it fills them with dread.  In these regions, the fireball is a Vampiric hag known as a Soucouyant that is known to strip off her withered skin and place it in a mortar and transforms herself into a ball of fire and streaks off into the night sky seeking her victims.  In this form, she will enter the home of her intended victim through a keyhole or any other crevice that will alow her entry.  The soucouyant then bleeds her victim entirely of their blood- if the victim dies they then, themselves either become a Soucouyant or expire completely and she assumes their skin.  If the mortar in which her skin is sitting in is discovered and coarse sea salt is poured over it, she cannot put her skin back on and will be destroyed.
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The piece that you are currently looking at offers protection from Vampires and other evil spirits, not only the Soucouyant.  If you are being tormented by any forces beyond your control and have no other option to rid yourself of them- then this is the item for you.