Demonic Punishers

Demonic Punishers

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Demonic Punishers<br /><br />

Tartaruchi are the keepers of Hell, according to the Apocalypse of Paul.<br /><br />

They use one hand to choke damned souls, and the other as an iron of three hooks.<br /><br />

The tartaruchi are cold beings that will make you shiver with exile. This is why many people talk about a ghost being bear them when they feel a shiver up their spine!<br /><br />

The punishers lurk in the world to capture souls and harvest generative evil among all humans. <br /><br />

We often hear about crazy situations occurring, such as school shootings, bank robberies, or even kidnappings where the person at the lead of the incident states that they don't know why they did it?!<br /><br />

And then with the cases where the person is killed, the family states no incidents that would even showcase their personality to be that of someone you would expect to "go crazy". That the person was a blessing to society and helped the community. <br /><br />

Studies across the world have discovered a common thread, a link in the DNA of these beings. The bond was an imperative twist in the follicle of a certain strand of DNA. This DNA was expressed with their studies of former regard, and it was shown that they had a change within them.<br /><br />

All of those who were studied were fragmented with this twist, and change, in their DNA.<br /><br />

We had a hunch for years that there was something going on, and with more of our own research, we uncovered that these people were inhabited by the demonic punishers and were utilized as tokens to proclaim the will of the devil.<br /><br />

The people were merely pawns of the Underworld!<br /><br />

More and more these days the tartatuchi are hard at work and can easily enter any spirit that they wish, if you are not protected.<br /><br />

Several centuries ago a blessed spell was formulated that protects and contributes a barrier around a soul that wishes to be concealed with the love of the divine. <br /><br />

This impactment was similar to the wrath of Holy water, but far more rare. <br /><br />

The spell-casted ointment was invoked upon protection amulets and they were sent to the highest members of the hierarchy to make sure they would be safe. <br /><br />

They have been passed on for years -- and now many do not realize what they hold. The items are the immaculate proliferation of true protection from evil.<br /><br />

You will not have to worry about being Satan's pawn when you adorn one of these pieces.<br /><br />

These are very rare, and we only have a limited number that we were able to track down.<br /><br />

All of the staff and Haunted Curiosities has one of these pieces, as they are very powerful and important to your safety!<br /><br />