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Mahakala's Earrings -<br /><br />

I actually bought this piece as a gift for a friend while in Bali on a sight-seeing tour.  She had always joked around and called me Buddha, so I thought I would send her these earrings as an inside joke.  They are intricately designed heads of a man that resemble a Buddha.  At first, she loved them.<br /><br />

A few days after I had sent them to her, she informed me that she had worn them.   She had received many remarks (not necessarily compliments, but she’s kind of strange, anyhow) on her new pair of earrings.  She wore them as a memento to our friendship, though, until the nightmares began.  She was having a the same vivid nightmare over and over again.  In her dream she encountered a creature that was bluish black in color.  The creature had six arms and a fierce demeanor.  His face was ferocious with three eyes, and he was adorned in a tiger skin. <br /><br />

So, I took the earrings back from her and ran some tests on them.  I was able explain to her what the “problem” was.  It seems that the earrings, unbeknownst to me, had been blessed by a Buddhist monk.  The earrings now possess the powers of Mahakala, the Buddha of Compassion. <br /><br />

Whoever wears these pieces can invoke the power of Mahakala.  Each of his six arms stands for his mastery of the six perfect activities: generosity, patience, morality, enthusiasm, concentration, and wisdom.  You will gain his insight into these areas.  Additionally, his three eyes symbolize the past, present, and future.  Accordingly, you will be able to see all past events, interpret all current events, and predict all future events.  His tiger skin represents of desire and keeps a pet snake, symbolizing purification from anger.  Whoever owns these pieces will be purified of spirit.  His bluish-black color represents the night sky and symbolizes the spaciousness of enlightened mind.  The owner, accordingly, will know a heightened state of mental awareness, that will allow them to be spiritually omniscient.  This piece is one of kind and is very powerful. <br /><br />