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Crystal necklace-<br /><br />

This piece was found at a port in Alaska, along the bank of the water. This was discovered by
 a couple who were on a cruise and they assumed it belonged to another of the passengers on
 the ship. The woman who found the necklace turned in it to the lost and found once they got
 back on the ship and they took down her information in case no one claimed the piece.
<br /><br /> The cruise line held the necklace for 30 days after the cruise ended to see if anyone would
call to claim the piece. After the 30 day time period they mailed the necklace to the woman
who found it along the shoreline. When Teresa, the woman,opened the package containing
the piece she smiled because the piece made her think of the wonderful voyage she had
just been on.<br /><br /> The necklace made her feel an intense yearning to go back to the water; her husband got
mad after she kept talking about taking another cruise again because he felt as if she
didn't appreciate the one that they were just on! Teresa didn't know what was making
her yearn for the water, but then she realized that this feeling came about after receiving
the necklace in the mail.<br /><br /> She decided she needed to get rid of the necklace so she could get back to her normal
routine and not constantly be enthralled with the idea of being on the ocean. She sold
the piece at a local auction house and told her story of how it was discovered.
Deedee bought the necklace and we found that it holds mystical powers of the ocean.
<br /><br /> Teresa had been drawn to the water because she felt the intense pulling that had been
coming from within the piece. This yearning for water was brought upon by the Naiad
that had blessed the piece.<br /><br /> You will be endowed with the blessing of the Naiad and will allow you to reveal hidden
messages and better understand human thoughts, music, emotions, prayers and written
words. You may think that you understand humans now, because you may be one, however,
with this piece you will gain a multitude of knowledge in how each person you encounter
thinks! All of our minds work a little differently and that is why we have differences in
opinion; you will learn how to grasp the world through other vantage points ---
which will make you as open minded to all aspects of the world... this piece is awesome!
<br /><br />