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Ghost light pendant-<br /><br />

Ghost lights are a phenomenon that is typically described as a glowing ball or balls of light.
These glowing lights defy natural explanation and are widely reported in remote locations
throughout the world, including the United States.<br /><br />

The lights can sparkle, be stationary, or sometimes they are seen in motion. They have been
spotted both high in the air and low to the ground, so they are bizarre and are associated
with folklore haunting.<br /><br />

There are expansive collections of research on ghost lights available at the Ghost Research
Society and the American Ghost Society.<br /><br />

We have a pendant that has been inhibited by a ghost light. While wearing this necklace on
an investigation in Mays Landing, Flamie encountered a mysterious light that hovered above
him for some time. He called the rest of the crew over to where he was and just as we neared
the location we saw the light head straight for Flamie. He was scared and thought he was
being attacked by a ghost, but the ghost light went straight to his pendant and stayed
lit for hours. This helped Flamie throughout the rest of the investigation. <br /><br />

It was creepy, but very invigorating to witness such an encounter. The ghost obviously wanted
us to find things that we were there searching for. To this day occasionally this pendant will
shine in the dead of night.<br /><br />

This piece is filled with a ghost spirit --- it will not harm you, but will help you in your time
of need. It is a very special piece and Flamie has decided to share the empowerment with
one of you.<br /><br />

He just asks that you believe in the strength and help that the pendant can offer
you; Enjoy! <br /><br />