Shemhamphorae:  72 Names of God

Shemhamphorae: 72 Names of God

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Cheers to another Kabbalist success (hip hip hooray).  They always seem to be able to uncover the esoteric truths that hold the most magically lucrative secrets that have been kept from humanity.  Their magic has a history of dating back thousands of years ago, as in this case-- which actually dates back to the very beginning of all time.  <br /><br />


So, in the beginning there was God and God was good.  In the Bible in the Book of John and the very first Chapter it says, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God… In him was life; and the life was the light of men.  Where did God's life force come from??  Well, it doesn't immediately give the answers to this life force power of God's.  In fact, it makes it very difficult for the human mind to understand any of this at all.  God likes to speak in parables, so that way only the truly deserving will fully understand what he has to say.  <br /><br />


The fact of the matter is that God's power came from 72 Secrets that he received from somewhere.  He called them the 72 names of God.  He stored these 72 secrets in 72 angels whom he also referred to as secrets, or virtues.  Thus, the 72 Secrets of God refer both to his actual magical and powerful secrets and the legion of 72 angels that he commissioned to carry his life-bearing secret.  <br /><br />


This piece has been developed by a Kabbalist high priest that I am in frequent contact with.  It holds the presence of an angel named Aladiah.  He is 1 of the 72 Shemhamphorae, which is the name of legion of God's 72 Secrets who bear the 72 names of God.  Aladiah is a guardian angel of faith and renewal.  This means he wants to guide you along your path, to help you let go of the old and embrace the new; that is,  help you along the path to your spiritual rebirth.  He helps with spiritual balance and healing within ones self.  It's a brand new day and a brand new you!!  <br /><br />


Additionally, he acts as your angel portal into the Shemhamphorae.  Once you are in, you will know the true meaning of the 72 names of God, because you will become at one with the 72 Secrets of God who bear his names.  You will gain a full understanding of what it actually means to be God, along with powers and abilities of your own that coincide with the 72 names.  Basically, this piece is going to allow you enter "the mind" of God, who has created the universe and all that you see before you.  Sounds riveting, right?  Well, it is.  Jason and I tested this piece and we couldn't even believe the secrets that were revealed to us.  Let me just say, the Bible is a useful tool, but there is so much more that awaits you with this piece!!   <br /><br />