Leap Year Zodiacal Transmutation

Leap Year Zodiacal Transmutation

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Most would assume that the extra day on the leap year would be unlucky.  It's an extra day of work, an extra day of bills, and an extra day of having to hear your husband or wife moaning and complaining about the things they'd rather be doing.  It is an extra day of bills to pay, blah, blah, blah.<br /><br /> 

However, for those of you who were born on a leap year you should feel extra-lucky, not just because you will technical only be 25, should you live to be a hundred.  Actually, the extra day in the leap year is the solar systems way of balancing out time and space.  Well, actually it was the ancient Egyptian's fix to the balance of time and space, but either way the balance works out.<br /><br /> 

With this being said, those people who are born on a leap-day, as I like to call them, are extra priveledge in having a deep rooted connection with the astrological and zodiac schematic.  They will have a better understanding of existence, and enlightenment of zodiacal and astrological energy and magic.  They will be able to peer through the gateway to other ages of the Zodiac to know secrets that the normal human mind wouldn't comprehend. <br /><br />

Well, I should say that these people have this ability.  Why?  They were born with something I like to call the leap-gene-- that is an extra strand of DNA that allows for a 7th sense and harmonic existence with the universe.  Unfortunately, most minds today aren't capable of handling spirituality so rich and enlightening in nature.  Some have managed to open their seventh sense, but not all. <br /><br />

For those who were born on a leap day, and even for those of you who aren't, this piece is the perfect fit.  It contains a sampling of the Seventh Sense strand of DNA.  It will sharpen and acute the seventh sense of a leap-child.  If you are not a leap-child, this piece will manipulate your DNA to give you the seventh sense of a leap child.<br /><br /> 

Once your abilities are manifest you will gain the powers and energies from above including the ability of astrological and zodiacl knowledge and magc.  You will be able to gaze across the zodiac ages to know things that others couldn't possibly ever know and to obtain powers that don't exist in our age or realms.<br /><br /> 

Finally, you will be put at harmonious balance and peace with our universe, not only as it exists during the age of Pisces, but as it will exist or has existed throughout all ages.  This item is very powerful.  No magical collection should ever go without these phenomenal powers!! <br /><br />