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Spirit Enlighteners -- <br /><br />

These are the pieces that will generate your mind and allow it to be pure and open like you were as a child.<br /><br />

As noted on the radio show, these will project an affliction that will take away the layers of contemplated 'knowledge' that has deterred you from being able to see and connect with spirits.<br /><br />

We all are born with the ability to be visited and converse and see ghosts. It is the parents who often tell their children that they are just 'seeing things' ... or they believe that they have an 'imagenary friend'... which is not the case. <br /><br />

You have to have a pure and serene mind for a spirit to feel comfortable and be enticed to want to visit and come forth to you.<br /><br />

As we age, we are led to believe that things are not true. How can something that we cannot see firsthand be true? Well there is proof all around us of situations such as this --- just like Heaven and Hell, they are real... but just because you cannot see them right in front of you, does not mean they do not exist!<br /><br />

That is the other reason my journey to Heaven, which I detailed on the radio show, was SO incredible to me... because me faith was awoken by the rationality of showcasing what I have always believed to be true! (Check out the Fire Rings, that were granted to me from the Angels of God's Throne, Item # 04121202)<br /><br />

Anyway, these spirit enlighteners are top notch and will connect with you to allow you to fortify the gratned spiritual intellectual insight that will inform and instruct your bodily energies to evade the projections that have built the hindered wall that changed your natural gift, and you will now be able to be visited by spirits and see, sense and converse with the dead!<br /><br />

This ability is something that is wonderful to have, and with this piece you can take it off if you wish to not be bothered. The energy in the item is what proclaims the infusement to the original state of mind that you were born with... allowing the sensible state of believing and understanding things that are "not of this world".<br /><br />

**There are only 5 of these available -- they were summonced by a merge of twisting the DNA to bring forth the ability and unite the connection. The testing originated in Malaysia and we got 1 piece to ensure the enrichment of power, and as Deedee and I described they are amazing!! <br /><br />

After realizing the embrace and ability they offer, we were lucky enough to get 4 more, so there are 5 available!! <br /><br />

They grant you the spiritual connection, psychic infusement, and a relaxing, calm endurance when being worn.<br /><br />

These can be worn on a cord, chain, or sewn on a garment as an adornment.<br /><br />


Check out the radio show for more details --> <br /><br />

http://www.blogtalkradio.com/hauntedcuriosities/2012/04/12/my-trip-to-heaven<br /><br />

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