Dry-ad Humping
Dry-ad Humping
Dry-ad Humping
Dry-ad Humping

Dry-ad Humping

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"Dry-ad Humping"

The serenity of the forest is disturbed by the rustling of leaves and the trampling of brush underfoot.  A lone man plods through the woods, drawn by some unknown force, pulled almost against his will deeper into the darkness of the forest.  In his mind he hears someone calling out to him and the closer he gets to the source, the louder the siren's call becomes in his head.  He keeps walking forward not knowing where it's taking him, but he's determined to discover where it's coming from- although it's not as if he has much choice.  It feels as if he's been walking for days, but it's only been a few hours.. or has it only been 10 minutes, or 5- he has no idea.  The voice beckons him closer still and like a doomed sailor, he obeys.  He
notices that the light that normally beams through the trees has grown dimmer as the branches are thick and tightly intertwined above his head,  making it appear that night has fallen.  He can barely make out his hand in front of his face, yet the sound is guiding his progress so well that he hasn't tripped or stumbled.  Just as it seems that the forest is becoming so dense and the trees will swallow him forever- he arrives at a clearing.  A ring of trees greets him and the sun seems to have burned its way through the thick overgrowth illuminating this patch- it is an oasis in an otherwise dismal timberland.  At the same time that he notices the beauty of this small glen- it occurs to him that the sound, or voice, that has dragged him this far into the nothingness- has ceased.  Apprehensively, he enters the clearing, after looking back over his shoulder and realizing that he couldn't find his way back without the help of a compass, he approaches the circle of foliage that is before him. 
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He calls out to whomever it is that has brought him here- only to be answered by the stillness of the forest.   He walks around the trees, searching for something, anything, that could
have been the source of the voice.  He finds nothing, nothing at all.  Remembering something that he read in a book, on-line, or on the back of a candy wrapper- he recalls that there
are woodland spirits that have been known to help mortals in times of distress.  Although the details were still a little fuzzy in his mind, he thought it had something to do with knocking on wood, but that was about the extent of it.  He reaches out to the nearest tree and lightly raps on it three times, only to hear the lonely echo of his knocking.  Unable to ascertain the whereabouts of the force that drew him here, it's time to leave the clearing.  After surveying his surroundings a couple of more times, he resolves himself to the fact that it's time to make his way back... somehow.  Just as he's about to leave it occurs to him that he really has to relieve himself.  He may have had to earlier, but having no sense of himself, it wasn't like he had a choice in the matter.  He figures there's no point in walking with a full bladder, he decides to "take care of business".  Unzipping his fly, he whips out his junk and props himself
against a tree with one arm and begins urinating. 
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He could swear that he just heard someone giggle, but there's not another soul in this place.  Feeling exposed and slightly modest he covers himself with his hands and asks if there's anyone there- only to be greeted by the same silence.  Confident that it was all in his head, he resumes his activity.  Once again, he hears the giggling, but this time it's in his head and much nearer.  Chalking it up to being alone in the woods and his mind fabricating the need to have some type of contact with another person- he shrugs it off this time.  Done with the business at hand after "watering the plants" he starts to put it away.  "No, don't", he hears in his mind and attempts to cover himself once more.  "Please, don't put it away", followed by more light giggling.  Mildly embarassed and slightly startled, he asks if there's anyone there- continuing to cover himself.  "Please, move your hands", the voice in his mind entreats, "I
want to see it".  Looking around, he still doesn't see anyone, but the voice still pleads for him to expose himself.  He calls out for the voice to reveal itself only to be answered by more giggling.  The voice has grown a little more adamant this time "Move your hands, so that I can see all of it".  Reluctantly, he moves his hands and stands exposed before the tree where he just emptied his bladder.  "I like that, leave it out", the voice commands him.  Looking down in front of him, the tree starts to mutate in the spot just inches from his groin. 
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A large knot in the tree begins to take on the characteristics of a face and a form begins to rise from the spot in an evergreen mist.  He starts backing away from the tree, unsure of what to do or where to go.  "Stay where you are", the voice echoes in his mind, "I want a closer look at it". Reluctantly again, he fights the urge to find some means of escape as the form starts
solidify.  "Be not afraid, I mean you no harm", the voice tells him, "I just want see it".  He remains steadfast in his spot as the creature now starts to emerge and manifest itself in front of him with a much more human appearance.  She's beautiful, but not in a conventional way- her hair looks like vines covered with moss, her skin is the same pale ivory color of a birch tree, her head is the shape of and inverted teardrop, she a has a narrow, angular face, and her eyes- her eyes are such a piercing emerald green that he can't help but stare.  She stares back at him with her gorgeous, deep eyes and says through some sort of telepathy, "Do you find my form pleasing"?  Breaking her gaze he fixes his eyes on the rest of her features; she has lips that are redder than the blood of rose that are parted just slightly and he continues taking in the rest of this forest lady that now stands before him.  She has a thin, waif-like frame and can't be more than four to four and half feet tall.  She has small patches of moss and leaves that cover her somewhat ample bosom and her nether regions below her waist.
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"I want a closer look at it now that you have seen me", the voice tells him.  Transfixed upon her, his arms fall limply at his sides.  She bends over at waist and places her face closer to his
genitals.  "I like this very much", he says and her feels her breath gingerly wash over the tip.  Unconsciously, his loins begin to stir and he feels himself becoming aroused.  As his member begins to move and stiffen, she pulls her head back and the voice says "Oh, why is it doing that"?  He looks down at her lovely visage and explains that it's just a reaction to being so near to a creature of such unimaginable beauty.  He notices that her cheeks appear to have turned pink- almost as if she's blushing.  She giggles and resumes peering at it closer and closer.  The nearer she gets to it, it begins to grow slightly larger.  "I like watching it grow, it's almost like a tree", the voice in head says with a tiny giggle.  "May I touch it"? the voice asks timidly.  He nods assent and the spindly, twig-like fingers extend forward and touch the tip.  His member responds to her surprisingly smooth, velvety touch.  Her fingers
dance lightly up the shaft towards his pelvis as the sensation sends ripples of ecstacy through his entire body.  She begins playfully tickling it with her fingers all over; the tip, the
shaft, the top, the bottom, the glans just underneath the head- as it responds accordingly to her teasing touch. "I really like the way this feels, it's so warm and it just keeps getting bigger". 
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He can't take his eyes off of her as she continues playing with his manhood and he continues to grow more rigid.  "Can I hold it in my hand?" she almost whispers in his mind.  Again, he nods silently- giving her permission to continue giving him pleasure.  She wraps her tiny, wooden fingers around the entire girth of his now fully engorged member.  "Do you like this?"
she asks him as she begins stroking his full length.  Her grip is firm, but not so tight that her prevents her from rubbing him- just behind the head and all the way back up to his stomach- back and forth.  He stands there dumbfounded and still unable to move.  She continues her stroking staring at the object in hand as her head moves closer and closer to his turgid member.  He feels her warm breath on the head and the shaft once more and feels the blood coursing through it, leaving him light-headed.  "I would like to kiss it, if I may?" she coos seductively.  Abandoning his reason he shakes his head in the affirmative motion.  She leans her face closer and plants a light, tender kiss just on the head.  It jumps a little in response to her delicate lips coming into contact with erectness.  Without asking for further permission, she begins placing wet kisses all over it- in the places where her fingers were teasing just
minutes before, sending shivers all over his entire body.  Her barrage of kissing is driving him insane- her lips sweeps all over it's entirety.  As she's kissing it, her lips part a bit and her sweet tongue begins lightly flicking it.  From top to bottom, her tongue lashing becomes more bolder as her hand rises up and gently cups the bottom of member.  Feverishly the licking intensifies while his sac is being lovingly massaged.  His head begins reeling as he can't believe that this is even happening.  This is the greatest sensation that he's ever felt and it
continues to grow in intensity.  Breathlessly, she looks up and him and pants "I don't know what's come over me, but if you would allow me- I should like to put it in my mouth." As
he has done before, he stares back blankly at her and out of pure reflex shakes his head up and down very slowly.  She opens her mouth and takes in just the head swirling her tongue
all over the tip.  She begins sucking hungrily taking more and more of the shaft into her eager mouth.  As she licks and increases her suction he know that he isn't going to last that
long.  Her mouth is opening even wider to accomodate his expanding girth.  She has almost all of it in her mouth and he can feel her breath coming out of her nostrils against his skin. 
From underneath, he can feel the squeezing and kneading becoming stronger as she continues her suckling.  Her head bobs back and forth and each time she seems to be able to fit just a little bit more in her insatiable mouth.  "This is the most wonderful experience that I've ever encountered", he hears a voice in his head that's almost muted by the throbbing in his skull.  Still looking down at his alabaster nymph he realizes that he's about to erupt like a volcano and that he can't hold out much longer while her lips continue to constrict around his shaft.  As her sucking and licking and kneading have now reached an almost feverish pitch he hears the voice in his head again "This is so good, please give it all to me!"  Hearing this is too much for him to bear as he explodes deep inside of her while his body is racked with spasms.  Her eyes widen, as if she hadn't expected what just happened- but she never removed her mouth once while he finished spilling his seed deep into her waiting mouth.  She waits until he's done until she pulls her face away from his once proud member that s now shrinking back into his trousers.  "That was unexpected, but I quite enjoyed it!" he hears the out of breath voice say, "I wish to do again and again."  He stands there motionless still coming down from his
ecstatic high, panting and trying to regain his composure.  The voice in his head has grown clearer now that blood has resumed circulating throughout his body, "If you stay with me, we can do this for eternity..."
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This piece was discovered in a clearing of trees in a heavily wooded area just sitting on the ground, as if it were left for someone to happen upon in their travels.  Perhaps this is the piece that will draw you into to forest...