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Egyptian Monastery Symbol-<br /><br />

We obtained this piece from a connection in Egypt.  Its secret is as old as the fraternized society of Egyptian monks who share it.  <br /><br />

The monks dwell in an abbey deep in the deserts of Egypt, guarding their secret--  That is until we obtained it!!  <br /><br />

The power that this piece beholds has been sourced straight from King Tutankhamun’s (Tut, for short) tomb.  We all know that Tut was one of the most majestic, powerful rulers of the Egyptian Empire, and with this piece, you will receive the wisdom of all the ancient Egyptian ways.<br /><br />

The pin (which, by the way is a required accessory of all the monks in the afore mentioned fraternity) will allow you to travel back in time to receive a first hand testament to the Egyptians means of survival. <br /><br />

You will be given the powers of King Tut and his ability to cast spells and curses over whom he chooses.   The most obvious of the powers you will be given is astral projection, with which you will be able to launch your spiritual being into that of the Egyptians of past ages.<br /><br />

*Project yourself with this old relic frog pin... no one would have ever known the true monastery secrets and endearments were within a 'leaping' pin that showcases a rare insight of Egyptian power!<br /><br />