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Peri Bracelet -<br /><br />

This piece comes from a customer in Tehran.  He blessed the piece a while back, but he grew weak in his spiritual ability.  He sent the piece to Deedee, hoping that we would get more use out of it than he ever did.<br /><br />

We held an investigation to test this piece and it turned out that the piece is inhabited by an ancient Peri.<br /><br />

The spirit is an ancient Persian fairy who controls the weather and shimmers all the beautiful colors of the rainbow.  <br /><br />

She also holds in her the power and ability to control extraterrestrial masses such as planetary orbits, comets, and asteroids. The Persian fairies were sent to protect the humans and are a breed of fallen angels, always in a constant state of war with the forces of evil.  Possessing this piece will give you the exclusive powers exhibited by the Peri.  An item like this is few and far between. Once its gone, its gone... Don’t pass it up!!<br /><br />