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This pin showcases the sacrifice of the Makers of the Lost Souls. Catherine McGee lived outside of Cincinnati, Ohio and lived a pretty typical life. Most people who encountered her would never have thought that she brewed potions and cast spells in her basement at night.<br /><br />

They say you should never judge a book by its cover, and this proves that, because someone could easily insult her by making comments about witches or magic and not even know that she herself is a witch. She likes to be known as a Frenting Witch because she allows those around her to borrow and use her magic!<br /><br />

By wearing this piece you will showcase to Catherine that you are intrigued by her and want to be her friend. Your personal aura is felt through the piece and will reminate to the spirit of Catherine; she will then find out if you truly believe in her abilities.<br /><br />

She never felt she had to prove anything to anyone, so in spirit she is the same way. She will not grant powers to a non-believer just to prove them wrong; she wants to grant abilities to those who follow in her footsteps.<br /><br />

If you are someone who performs magic and believes in its powers then this piece is an amazing find!<br /><br />

Catherine with allow you to absorb all the powers that she held during her life on Earth. There are 9 stones in the pin and they all grant abilities which we take you to the ultimate absorption!<br /><br />

There are two green stones and two purple stones --- these stones are the verifiers of believability.<br /><br />

The green stones will send energies to test your envy and see if you can handle all of her powers without defying others with them.<br /><br />

The purple stones send energies to test your good judgment. These stones also scan your aura to seek out what your spiritual fulfillment is.<br /><br />

There are four orange stones --- these are more powerful then the purple and green and only activate after you have been cleared from the first round of tests.<br /><br />

The orange stone will flood your body with intense energies that will highlight your creative spirit and test your level of self esteem. You need high self esteem to promote personal power; if your level of self esteem tests low, these stones will help boost your confidence.<br /><br />

Once all the energy of the stones flow over and within you then you are prepared and ready to absorb all of Catherine's powers. The oval blue stone will light up and you will feel a tingling sensation through your body -- this is the process of gaining her abilities.<br /><br />

Catherine was noted as one of the most powerful witches to prosper and live a life without anyone tormenting her. Having the opportunity to have her powers relinquished to you is amazing!<br /><br />

Several of us have tried the process, but none of us were fully cleared. I don't think we have enough magic experience for her to grant us her gift!<br /><br />

Note: This process was shared with us through a communication ritual where we contact Catherine's spirit ~<br /><br />