Shamsiel's 365 Truth's of the Tree

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Shamsiel's 365 Truths of the Tree (My Journey to Heaven)

God has secrets.  Some secrets he likes to share with others.  Some secrets are reserved for only those who deserve to know them.  I guess we were deserving to know the powers in this piece.  It is an original item from my trip to Heaven and was given to me by an angel named Shamsiel. 

Shamsiel is the original guardian of the Gate to Eden.  He was commissioned to guard the gate after Adam and Eve were expelled and the Tree of Life stood unprotected.  The Tree of Life holds the knowledge of all things that ever were, all things are are, and all things to come.  The Tree of Life is what allows God to grant Holy Telekinetic abilities.  It allows him to grant people the psychokinetic energy flow that allows the human mind to receive his messages.  It is the epicenter of his great power and the knowledge of existence and what it is really for. 

This item, like I said, I received from an Angel named Shamsiel, who is a Cherub and is the leader of 365 Legions, which are the 365 Truths of the Tree of Life.  He stands guard at the Gate of Eden and is the Ruler of the Fourth Heaven.  He played a pivotal role during the War between Good and Evil and has received commendation from Saint Michael, the General of God's army. 

with this piece, you will receive a duplicate form of Shamsiel's existence.  It is an angelic form that will conjure Shamsiel for you, giving you the 365 Truths of the Garden of Eden, along with the telekinetic and psychokinetic energy that is necessary to revel in the Truths.  It will open up your Angelic Eye and create a connection between you and the Tree of Life, between which the energy will flow freely and you will be give the 365 Truths.  Some of these Truths are knowledge, some are visions, some are rare and unique white light energies (such as abundance, love, sacred sex, etc.), but all are very powerful!!   

The Purple gems on this piece represent teh innocence and purity of Shamsiel, as they are the color of the perfect aura in true form.  They are gems from Heaven and have been energized with white light powers to aid you in your experience.