Protesting Witches: Gypsy Luck Spell

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Protesting Witches:  Gypsy Luck Spell

In 2011, officials in Romania began taxing independent witches under the premise that being a witch a real job.  Supposing so, a real job, would require anybody who professes to be a witch to pay real taxes.  The proposed tax would include around 16% of Romanian Witches' income.  That's not too bad, considering how much other countries' income tax rate is.  However, this really pissed the witches off.  Words of wisdom:  if you want to have a fruitful and sustainable life, you never piss of a witch.  It will most likely be detrimental. 

The witches rallied and protested, and that wasn't enough Romania's government to come to terms with the fact that the witches weren't happy.  In a country where witchcraft is extremely popular, most likely due to the large population of gypsy witches, you would think that the government would know better than to tread on the witches path.  They didn't.  Now, the witches have begun a string of mass spells en route to the government of Romania as a punishment for taking their money. 

These spells are very powerful spells, considering they originate and contain the energies of hundreds of Romanian witches.  Our gypsy connection Grizzelle has been able to secure some of this energy for us and has sent us these pieces.

This piece holds the Romanian witch luck power.  It was originally cast to cause the government unlucky endeavors, but we reversed the energy, so we could offer it to you.  It will give you good luck in whatever endeavor you decide to take part it.  Suppose you play for a sports team?  Maybe you're an investor?  Good luck and fortune will be headed your way.