It's Quanting Hoppin' Time!!

It's Quanting Hoppin' Time!!

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Quantum Jump

The world of the unexplained sometimes goes overlooked, simply because the human mind cannot and does not want to comprehend it.  For instance, there are thousands of other realities that exist parallel to ours.  Just because we haven't been to one of these, or we cannot fully understand how these realities work, doesn't mean that we should automatically dismiss or discredit them.  The opening up of these alternate realities could mean scientific and supernatural breakthroughs of epic proportions.  Unfortunately, the minute the subject begins to be discussed, people look at you like your crazy or something-- but we're not.  This item is proof of alternate realities, that they do exist, and if we open up our mind we, too, can visit these alternate realities as the exist parallel to our own. 

In 1954 a man showed up in a Japanese airport with a Passport and Photo ID from a country called Taured.  His documents seemed to be official and his story about being an employee from an umbrella subsidary of a major corporation seemed legitimate.  He claimed he was merely on a business trip to Japan.  The problem with all of this?  Well, Taured never has been country in the history of the world.  The major corporation that he claimed to word for indicated no records of either the umbrella subsidary or the name on the man's passport. 

The man, whose name was never released, spoke French, Spanish, and Japanese and claimed his country was located in the Principality of Andorra, half of which is distributed to Spain and France.  The man was confused when shown a map of the world, with no Taured present. 

Posing no threat, the man was allowed to fulfill his accomodations under the supervision of local authorities.  He entered his hotel room at night.  He never once stirred or tried to make an exit; however, in the morning the man had vanished, with no signs of him, his possessions, or his existence present.  There was merely an empty hotel room, a perfectly made-up bed, and unused hotel room.  On the Pillow of the bed this item was found.

The item was passed through a multi-national network of security administrations, paranormal researchers, and scientific experts.  No explanation was afforded and the man was never heard of again... until now.  I'm not going to tell you how I obtained this item due to the nature of its top secrecy.  I have it and that's all that matters. 

Here's the explanation.  Although this piece was investigated thorough, it was never fully understood-- not int he 50s, not now.  It's because whomever investigated the piece-- probably over 100 different people-- weren't able to establish a spiritual bond with the man who had owned the item. 

During investigation of this piece, I was able to establish a connection that everybody else had lacked.  It indeed is a communication item that allows you to telepathically and psychically communicate with the man from Japan.  He exists in a parallel realm to our own.  Somehow the man had accidentally activated the powers in his item to travel to our realm from his own, which a spiritually dominant and technologically advanced culture.  The powers put him through to our reality and when he realized this, he merely went back to where he was from, forgetting his item in our reality. 

This piece will give you the ability of Quantum Jumping into all parallel universes and realites that exist apart from our own.  You can use this piece to enter and return to and from alternate realities whatever basis you desire.  There are no limitations or restrictions on the item, although it would best be used with some sort of protection item, which we also have listed separately from this piece.  This piece is a true eye opener to the existence of reality and what existence really is comprise of.  It is perfect for the curious at heart, and I'm sure it will not last long.  If you're interested, make your move!!