Fallen Snow Fairies
Fallen Snow Fairies
Fallen Snow Fairies
Fallen Snow Fairies
Fallen Snow Fairies

Fallen Snow Fairies

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Fairies exist in a number of places. First and foremost they exist in the "tween" places. "Tweens" are places that don't actually exist on our physical plane.<br /><br />

They are places in-between other places. They are things such as door ways, windows, shadows, things in-between light and dark. This is why you find fairies in nature and why they guard it so closely. <br /><br />

Fairies live everywhere and no where. They are visible mostly in tween places, and the biggest tween of all is midnight. This is when the veil between worlds lifts and allows night and day to become visible at once. <br /><br />

Some say this is the best time to see fairies. Fairies take care of nature and their job is similar to a nymphs however, fairies tend to look out for humans as well.<br /><br />

One of the most rare of all are the snow fairies. They only penetrate the surface and lift off when there is at least 6" of snow. <br /><br />

They are the most magical and majestic of all fairies, and depending where you live, you may never naturally even have an opportunity to encompass one!<br /><br />

Snow fairies are of extreme royalty when it comes to class and rank; this is because they grant the best wishes. <br /><br />

Fairies feel deeply and are drawn to human emotion.  They know what it is to feel sorrow and illness as well as happiness and joy. <br /><br />

The snow fairies actually prefer the latter of the two because they are fun loving creatures.  They rejoice when you sit outside and join them in nature. They can heal your soul and cleanse your aura. <br /><br />

They can also tell you the secrets of the world if you listen.  They are able to tell the future and give you insight to where and how you live. If you are unhealthy they will whisper in your ear and help you to get better. <br /><br />

Snow Fairies are lower level angels, kind of like the proclamation that enlightens the evolutionary chain. Even angels have to work their way up, although they are special angels whose job is to protect the Earth.  Everytime we pollute, or are mean to nature in an un-environmental way the fairies hurt and can die.<br /><br />

These pieces hold snow fairy spirits that will grant you the most invigorated wishes that you could ever think of. We often make small wishes in our minds, due to circumstances that are created as we live -- but the ideals of what we desire normally will not prosper. With the spirited royalty of the snow fairies within your emblem you will be blessed with sanctity that will endure your desires and bring about the most empirical blessings that will showcase amazing changes in your life! <br /><br />
Once again, these fairies are extremely rare to encompass, and especially if you live in a warm weather climate, you will not even get the chance any other way to gain these valuable spirit assets!<br /><br />

These are generous contributors to bring you extreme radiance within your soul!<br /><br />

The embarkment of gaining these spirits into the vessels took years of research and several spells to alert the snow fairies immediately into these pieces.<br /><br />

The center of each is chilled through a spell to inherit a temperature that is less than 0 degrees -- so your fairy will always be able to be called upon~! You also must keep the piece on once you call for your blessing, as the change in temperature of the piece leaving your body temperature will shock the fairy with heat and could harm her!<br /><br />

**These are truly magnificent for anyone looking to achieve their dreams -- you can make your every wish come true with your snow fairy!<br /><br />