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Ring of Reincarnation, orange coolness-<br /><br />

What you are looking at is a very special ring. This ring at one time was just a decorative piece of real and not man made Amber jewelry.Until........It went through the Bermuda Triangle.<br /><br />

We got this ring on a very scary investigation. The lady called us to come out to her home after strange things began to happen to her after a business trip.<br /><br />

This lady at first thought that she was going crazy. At one point on her trip she flew from West Palm beach to the Bahamas and when she landed she felt as if she had lost some time. The entire trip after that she felt weird.<br /><br />

Going home she started to experience visions of a young woman.She would walk down the hallway and turn the corner to see her. The lady would run screaming and terrified.She almost had a nervous break down. Some people can not handle anything haunted or paranormal. This lady was one of them.<br /><br />

The lady called us to her home when she continued to lose time on and off. Later she came face to face with her new ghost. She as I said was terrified.<br /><br />

The spirit was a lost soul that went down in a ship in the Bermuda Triangle. Her name is Aida and she is 32 years old.<br /><br />

We asked many questions during the investigation and one was about the weather, during her flight. Come to find out she was in a lightening storm before landing. We tried to communicate with Aida and we were able to. She showed herself full form to me and the reading on the emf meter was stuck! The temperature gun nearly burned Danny's hand and I had a headache like no other I have ever had.<br /><br />

The spirit began to talk to me in telepathic images and in my ears, that is hard to explain. Aida has been lying on the ocean floor for decades.No burial,no family goodbyes and now they too are all dead. She could not escape the magnetic power of the triangle until the day that the plane went over in the lightening storm.<br /><br />

The lady who we were doing the investigation for was glad to know that Aida was not violent or evil. Aida said that she was drawn to her because of the coral ring. Coral the real and not man made is for life and blood energy and the color of this one is most desired. Aida also said that she knew the woman lived alone and could use a friendly visitor. Aida said everytime she tried to talk to her she would scream and cry.<br /><br />

We tried to get Aida to pass on thinking that maybe she could. It was after all not her fault about what happened. She will not pass on and we do not know why.We tried to get the woman to keep her and she out right refused. She said that it was against all that she believed in to do so. It took us three hours to convince Aida to leave with us and another two hours to get the woman to give up the ring.It took all our company cash to get it from her. That lady was a weird one!<br /><br />

Either way, Aida is here to stay and she has some extraordinary ability. We don't know if it is from how she died or not. I think it is. She had to go through a electrical field and the Bermuda Triangle is a mystery unto itself so she is very active. She even triples what the stone itself can do because of her own energy field. <br /><br />

One of the really neat things that the ring and Aida can do is help you to see in your mind, your past life. Aida just has this really unique quality about her that can do so many things!<br /><br />

I saw my own past life --- when I wore it I saw myself in a castle, and I was having some fun!!!! I also saw myself as a young child and I saw  who my parents were and where I lived. It was amazing.<br /><br />

Good Luck with her~<br /><br />