Pass the Soul, Please!!
Pass the Soul, Please!!
Pass the Soul, Please!!

Pass the Soul, Please!!

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Can Someone Pass the Soul, Please? 

I got this item at a consignment shop that we stopped at on the way home from our investigation in North carolina.  As I was perusing the shop, I felt this piece reaching out for me, pulling on me as if there was some sort of magnetic attraction between the two of us.  I couldn't help but linger to a far corner of the shop, which was pretty big, away from everyone in our group.  I didn't know from where, or at that point, what was beckoning me but I kept on.  I also wasn't sure why it had chosen me and not one of the others, again, I kept on. 

I walked through the consignment shop picking things up and laying them back down, unable to pinpoint the psychic ferver that was enveloping my brain.  The slight psychic magnetism was now a furry of psychotic screams, attempting to draw me in closer and closer.  I could practically hear someone yelling out to me as if we were playing a game of "hot and cold." 

Finally, when I reached the far end of the consignment shop, in a little cranny inside of display, I found this piece under a shelf, wrapped in bubble paper.  When I found it, I immediately knew that it was the source of what was calling to me, beckoning its discovery.  I unwrapped the piece, almost dropping it, because of how warm the piece was in my hand.  It wasn't scorching hot, but it definitely took me by random surprise. 

As I gazed at the face of the silver lady with a very serious, almost stern, looking face, I became drawn into her existence.  She had me under lock and key, drawing my mind and my soul closer and closer with the help of her soul-sucking snake.  I began to feel my body tremble and shake.  I was sweating all over, a cool balmy sweat.  My breathing became heavier and I began to pany.  I dropped down to one knee.  I could physically feel my soul being sucked out of me.  I know that sounds confusing, but trust me... it's not a pleasant feeling to actually be able to FEEL your soul being sucked out you. 

My visions began to become blurry and my hearing faded (not that it's that good anyway.)  My eyes began to blink rapidly and right before i drifted away into unconsciousness, I heard Deedee call my name and break the connection that the piece had made with my mind, body, and soul.  I explained to her what had happened and we quickly made way with the piece. 

When we got home, be investigated the piece, which led to the determination that inhabited in this piece is what is known as a Gorgon Witch.  She gets her name because of the snakes that are always shown with the Gorgons; as the snakes are always with the Gorgons, her snake is always with her.  The snake is a spiritual being, that will pierce your mind with its razor sharp teeth and suck the spiritual blood from your soul and spiritual flow.  The witch then uses these powers to keep herself powerful, as it is her tendency and ability to attain the powers of her vicitms. 

We were able to put a white spell on this piece that gives it a bit of a twist.  This Gorgon Witch item, now has the ability of power transfusion.  Instead of sucking the life out of other things, it is able to locate those that have special hidden powers, sense, abilities, etc-- much like a radar gun.  It then reads and scans these powers, replicating them, and storing it in the vessel for future use.  It is the most efficient piece that I've encountered to use for acquisition and bestowal of powers.  It will store all your powers up for you, allowing them to always be with you.  The snake has since been transformed to a direct connection between the witch soul and your own.  It carries magical nutrients and knowledge to you the same way a baby feeds from an umbilical cord. 

This power is very different and very unique.  It is very powerful and works very efficiently.  We only have one of these items and it is sold as a first-come, first-served item.  Do not hesitate, on this piece-- your golden power acquisition opportunity-- might slip right through your fingers!