Now Entering... the Silent Zone!
Now Entering... the Silent Zone!
Now Entering... the Silent Zone!
Now Entering... the Silent Zone!
Now Entering... the Silent Zone!

Now Entering... the Silent Zone!

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The Silent Zone <br /><br />

Vertice de Trino, in Mexico, is a place where radio waves cannot even permeate the air. In fact is is a place in the World where there is no affliction of communication connections accessible!<br /><br />

It is Located between the states of Chihuaua, Coahuila and Durango and only 400 miles from the U.S. Border, something in the area makes it impossible to receive radio, television, cell phones or any other sound related transmissions. <br /><br />

While the exact cause of this phenomenon has not been fully explained to date, there are many theories abounding that the area has been heavily influenced by past extra-terrestrial and other paranormal activities. Regardless of the cause, the Zone of Silence continues to be a fascinating study into the unknown.<br /><br />

The unique qualities of the region were first discovered when Mexican aviator Francisco Sarabia reported radio trouble while flying over the area in the 1930s. This phenomenon was then later confirmed in 1966 when an organic chemist could not contact fellow team workers on his hand-held radio while conducting a field study. However, full awareness of the unique sound anomalies within the zone did not arise until July 11, 1970. <br /><br />

On that date, a faulty U.S. Air Force rocket launched from the White Sands Missie Base in New Mexico went suddenly off course and crashed into the remote desert region. Because the rocket was carrying two containers of radioactive elements, an Air Force recovery team was immediately dispatched to the area where it was once again confirmed that all types of radio signals failed to travel through the air. As a result, research headed by the Mexican government was established to study the unique plant, animal and mineral components of the area in an effort to determine the cause of the drop in signals.<br /><br />

The most commonly held position among scientists for the sudden disappearance of radio waves is the high amounts of mineral deposits in the region. Very high levels of both magnetite and uranium are present, which could create enough electromagnetic pulses to interfere with radio signals. In addition, the region has also received an unusually high level of meteorite activity over thousands of years. This has given rise to speculations that there may be some unusual magnetic properties in the soil arising from the breakdown of meteorite fragments.<br /><br />

Deedee was intrigued by the interest in connection and was drawn psychically to the location. We wanted to investigate if the lands would take way our energies of power?<br /><br />

The high level of meteorite activity has generated the region as a vortex where an extraordinary amount of earth energy is concentrated, leading it to be a hot spot for paranormal activities; this is the other course of desiring to learn more!<br /><br />

Deedee traveled here with Emir last week. She had a business meeting in Texas, and decided to make the journey. Once in the Zone of Silence she was became drawn to a small cavern that was on the property. Emir wasn't sure they should go into it, but once Deedee has an energy connection, she is determined to learn more. She realized early on that her abilities were not hindered, in fact they were actually heightened!<br /><br />

Just as they neared the entrance of the cavern, the sky flashed and aliens came forth from the cavern. <br /><br />

These beings, as described by Deedee, were strange looking blonde people wearing long raincoats and ball caps. Their faces were dark, with rigid skin and black eyes. The stature of their outfits seemed like a disguise to fit in.<br /><br />

The alien beings communicated with Deedee and told her that her experiences that she had with the Pope Ring were fake. That she was not in Heaven, but rather a fake, alternate, universe that they had created!<br /><br />

Deedee began to question her encounter, but she knew it was so real and true -- and then she saw the imperial light of heavenly hue over the ridge of the cavern and she knew they were lying and trying to trick her. <br /><br />

She went along with their tale and they gave her the pieces that you see here. They wanted her to give them to those closest to her to help them. They then disappeared.<br /><br />

After testing the items Deedee learned that they were items invoked with evil trickery. The extraterrestrials were trying to encompass our minds and get the divine ring from us!<br /><br />

We took the items to a master sorcerer and he was able to rid the pieces of the trickery attribute, but they still hold connection ability to the aliens and the levels of their Universes and Galaxies!<br /><br />

You no longer need to worry about being taken advantage of, or having your mind raided by the aliens --- however you can blend in and learn the secrets of their plans and gain the strengths of their breed. <br /><br />

These are remarkable items that will bring you answers to the thousands of years of questions about life on other planets. Aliens do exist and these items will prove that to you! <br /><br />

Unfortunately due to having no signal and communicative waves, Deedee's cell phone wouldn't even turn on... so she was unable to get a picture -- but the proof is in the "pudding", well actually in these pieces!<br /><br />

Do not miss out on one of these if you want to encompass the imposters of another world and gain assets such as, fluid intelligence, spatial reasoning, quickened reaction time, focus and concentration growth and luminous memory facets that will make your brain act like a photo-sensory board!<br /><br />

All the good, without the tricks --- these will sell fast~!<br /><br />


You will receive one of these empowered cameo pins!!  They are very powerful!!