Nephilim Rising

Nephilim Rising

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Nephilim are beings who appear in the Bible, specifically in the Book of Genesis.<br /><br />

In the Book of Genesis, Chapter 6, verses 1 through 4, you will find the description to the origin of the Nephilim:<br /><br />

-- Now it came about, when men began to multiply on the face of the land, and daughters were born to them, that the sons of God saw that the daughters of men were beautiful; and they took wives for themselves, whomever they chose.<br /><br />

Then the LORD said, "My Spirit shall not strive with man forever, because he also is flesh; nevertheless his days shall be one hundred and twenty years." The Nephilim were on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men, and they bore children to them. Those were the mighty men who were of old, men of renown.<br /><br />

According to the New American Bible, the Nephilim appear as part of the “increasing wickedness of mankind”. Their appearance accounts for the prehistoric “giants” of Canaan, whom the Israelites called the Nephilim, but additionally to introduce the story of the flood with a moral orientation.<br /><br />

The commentary suggests that the phrase “(as well as later)” stated above is a reference to the Book of Numbers 13:33, how the Israelites likened the tall aborigines (“Anakim”) to the Nephilim, possibly due to seeing the very tall structures of Canaan that appeared to have been built by a race of giants.<br /><br />

According to the New Oxford Annotated Bible, the Genesis verses  indicate that the Nephilim existed at the same time as the products of divine-human intercourse.<br /><br />

The Nephilim were interjected with immense sexual assets that kept them unified as componal connections to the source of power between the angels and humans!<br /><br />

The nephilim come from a union between “sons of God”  and “daughters of man”.<br /><br />

Throughout the Bible, the Nephilim (Satan’s seed) are evident! They were the "gods" that the people were worshiping and making idols of! God is now revealing Truth as never before BECAUSE we truly are living in the End Time!<br /><br />

And the way He is doing that is to take us back to 1+1=2, the beginning!<br /><br />

We need to understand God's plan first, but also Satan’s plan, who is the enemy and the Bible says that we are not to be "ignorant of Satan’s devices"!<br /><br />

So Satan has "tampered with" the DNA of the human race! An example of this is the Genetically modified crops that Satan has caused to occur on the Earth today. Once they are planted, they cannot be stopped, but will continue to mutate and corrupt even the good seed in the ground! <br /><br />

There are now a multitude of these Nephilim on the Earth today, because of the evil DNA being planted into mankind, and the earth is now like as it was in the days of Noah!<br /><br />

So with that said, let’s move on to what these hybrid beings are doing to the rest of Planet Earth.<br /><br />

The Genetically Modified crops are everywhere now and their toxins are causing the breakdown of the human immune system and people are getting sick as never before and are now dying of "so-called" natural and unnatural causes!<br /><br />

And I would venture to say that these GM crops don’t affect the Nephilims, because they are of the "celestial" evil seed and their body make-up is different than that of true humans. <br /><br />

The Elite of this New World Order are the Nephilim (the ones in control now) and in these final hours of mankind’s existence on Planet Earth, they are carrying out the purposed evil plan of Satan to eradicate the existence of all true humans, as Satan attempted to do in the days of Noah.<br /><br />

Population control is one of the major plans of the New World Order, to eliminate the "useless eaters", the true humans! We are living in very deceptive times, where "evil" is portrayed as "good" and "good" as "evil"! The Bible says that "if it were possible, they could deceive even the very elect" and that "unless the days are shortened, there should no flesh (true humans) be saved"! But remember that God protects his own and God will "never leave us nor forsake us"! Never!<br /><br />

GM crops are definitely unfit for the environment, for the animals or for people! Recent scientific findings, described in the magazine, Science in Society, are casting grave doubts over the safety of GM food in general, and the fatal flaw may be something in the genetic modification process itself.<br /><br />

Cows ate GM maize and died....a farmer in Hesse, Germany grew Syngenta’s Bt 176 maize and fed them to his cows. Twelve cows died and others had to be slaughtered because of mysterious illnesses.<br /><br />

The instability of GM crops, not only compromises agronomic performance, it is also a safety issue, because unstable transgenic DNA is more likely to spread UNCONTROLLABLY by horizontal gene transfer. It does this by jumping into genomes of viruses, bacteria and other cells INCLUDING OUR OWN; in the course of which, creating new viruses and bacteria that causes disease and epidemics, spreading drug and antibiotic resistance, and triggering cancer!<br /><br />

In 1992, the US Food and Drug Administration decided it would not require GM-foods to undergo any testing before being put on the market, nor would it require any formal prior notification. Only if the company declared that sufficient safety questions exist, would FDA seek pre-market testing.<br /><br />

The FDA has allowed Bovine Growth Hormone onto the market. So Dairies that wished to label their milk as free from BGH were barred from doing so (removing the consumers right to choose). BGH is identified with breast cancer in women and prostrate cancer in men. It stimulates over-production of milk in cows, leading to stress, and an increased incidence of mastitis, which in turn leads to increase in the use of antibiotics, which find their way into the milk.<br /><br />

Contrary to assurances given by the biotech industry and regulatory authorities, any tests are CONSTRUED to safeguard THE INDUSTRY not guarantee PUBLIC SAFETY! There is NO TESTING by regulatory authorities or monitoring of releases to the environment!<br /><br />

Famines, talked about in the Bible as one of the signs of the End Time, could also involve the GM crops, which not only have no food value, but contain deadly TOXINS! So even though the people are eating, their bodies are being "starved" of the necessary nutrients to sustain life! But not so with the child of God, if what he eats is received with thanksgiving.<br /><br />

Global corporations have the ultimate aim of controlling EVERYTHING in the life process from birth to death---who is born---how we are born---when and where we are born---health care---what we eat, breath and drink---how and when we will die---and the genetic creations down on the farm! But no matter what their plans and schemes are, God is still in control! Just like Satan may have thought he had control of the world back in the days of Noah, he soon found out that HE DIDN’T!<br /><br />

Now here we are, in the End Time, where the conditions of the world are like as they were in the Days of Noah, but no matter what may be the cost, God will absolutely take care of His own (like He did Noah). <br /><br />

This piece is an attribute to that... a protection amulet to take care of mankind. This will ensure that you will not be harmed from Satans trickery and his modified contributions to the Earth. You will embrace the energies of the Nephilim, and be endowed as someone who can remain through the disparage of tragedy that will take over the lands.<br /><br />

The power of this was utilized from a fallen angel that was ridiculed by Satan, he wanted to get his revenge and the notion of power was announced through the portal of magic. We were lucky to get a handful of anointed items that will keep "normal" humans safe. <br /><br />

This will allow believers of Christ to continue on in case there is a tragic re-buddle of evil that overtakes the world... which is showcased through the re-missive state of despair that radiates the world -- the end is near, will you protect yourself from the evil that is trying to take your soul?!<br /><br />