Finding a Soulmate:  Gaydar of the Dolphin

Finding a Soulmate: Gaydar of the Dolphin

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Listen up gay people this is for you.  Lesbians, you can use this piece too.  We don't discriminate, we love all sorts of gays here at Haunted Curiosities.  We used the help of a witch that deals with animal spirits and divining animals to make this item.  It is said that bottlenosed dolphins are some of the happiest creatures on Earth.  In fact, they are so happy that dolphin assisted therapy is practiced, which is basically hanging out with dolphins.

Dolphins have also proven time and time again to be extravagantly promiscuous and to take on homosexual partners.  It has been proven in one study where the extensive study of 120 dolphins produce massively homosexual results. 

Subtract the promiscuous part, and these are the powers in your piece.  It will act as sonar that will bring you a homosexual partner to be the love of your life.  It will help you calm down, relax, and enjoy life as it comes at you.  Living life in the fast lane can be stressful sometimes.  Let the spirit of the dolphin help you detox the stress levels in your life while brining you true love at the same time!!