Omm Sety:  Raising the Egyptian Dead

Omm Sety: Raising the Egyptian Dead

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Master of the Windigo<br /><br />

As most of you are aware, we have our main testing location in Pennsylvania. It can be bitter cold here in the winter time. We are more in central PA, but western PA can be exceptionally harsh. <br /><br />

The winter brings about remembrance of the Windigo. There would always be warnings that "the windigo will get you!"<br /><br />

Brian lived in Washington, PA with his family. There house backed up to the woods and this kept him on his toes, as he was afraid of being alone as the windigo could come forth and get him. <br /><br />

His parents assured him that the windigo was not real, a myth like the Easter bunny, or Santa. <br /><br />

The Windigo was described to us as a huge, hairy beast who lurked in the winter woods, looking for people to capture and eat! It was noted to have roamed the woods right by Brian's house for as long as anyone could remember; even the historical accounts from the Native Americans talked about "him."<br /><br />

Brian's parents divorced and he moved with his mom to the Philadelphia area; the Windigo became nothing short of a distant memory. Then one Christmas when he went to visit his father, back in Washington, he went to get gifts from the car one night and his dad said "be careful out there!" Brian immediately felt like he was 5 years old again, picturing a huge beast lurking in the woods that surrounded him.<br /><br />

His father was actually warning him of coyotes that were spotted in the area, he totally forgot about the Windigo 'legend'. <br /><br />

Brian opened the trunk and started getting his presents to take in and a chill shot up his spine. He just shut the trunk with his elbow when he felt a strong energy right behind him. As he turned his head, there he was.. the Windigo. <br /><br />

He dropped his gifts and ran for the house. When he got inside he was as pale as a ghost and his dad asked him what happened. After taking a minute to catch his breath, he explained that he saw the beast. That he was right behind him and he darted. <br /><br />

A few family members were over for a holiday party and so his dad, uncle, and grandpa went outside with a shotgun to look around.<br /><br />

They came across nothing, except his gifts all over the driveway. A ring that Brian purchased for his grandmother fell out of the gift bag and the pouch it was within. When Brian's dad picked it up he got the sensation of being electrocuted... he dropped the ring again and all but fell backward.<br /><br />

Brian's Uncle, Bob, thought his brother was being over-dramatic and he bent over to get the ring and was blasted as well. Brian went out and used a broom to put it back in the pouch, then picked that up. It made enough of a barrier to protect him.<br /><br />

He send the piece to our team, as he found us online and we tested, and then purchased the ring from him.<br /><br />

This piece definitely is unique... as it does hold the beast the Windigo. <br /><br />

The Windigo was a man who started out as an outsider of a Native tribe. He was exiled from his tribe for using magic. The food was scarce and he not a good hunter. He used to scare the men of the tribe when they were headed back with food and would steal their game. <br /><br />

One day one of the men recognized the exiled Indian as his "costume" came off and so the windigo killed his ex- neighbor to keep him quiet.<br /><br />

When the body was found, it had been eaten at, by animals of the woods... this started the legend that the Windigo ate men. <br /><br />

The Windigo was born of starvation. His protocol became so feared, that the man used his magic to impart a spell that would change him into the "beast" that everyone feared. <br /><br />

His life was forever changed and the empowerment also brought him immortality. <br /><br />

Now a beast, he did begin to eat humans -- and make some humans starve so they would long for human flesh.<br /><br />

When a man is driven to consume the flesh of another human being, he will become possessed by the spirit of the Windigo.  When a man becomes possessed by the spirit he is driven by a compulsive hunger for human flesh. Over time with every person that he eats, he grows larger, uglier, and hairier; becoming more animal than human. <br /><br />

The Windigo now started a 'family' so to speak of his kind. They can be witnessed and found all over the World. <br /><br />

The one that was about to attack Brian impaled his spirit into the ring that is now available to you.<br /><br />

After testing we learned that the loneliness of this spirit found the vessel as a cure to his need to constantly be hungry for human consumption. <br /><br />

The shocks that were felt were due to his spirit still settling in the piece -- he did not want to be interrupted or imputed from the ring.<br /><br />

You now will be his master and as long as you eat red meat once a week, while wearing this piece, you will keep him happy. <br /><br />

His abilities include: shape-shifting, multidimensional travel, realm surfacing, blending abilities, emergent mind control and variant torture afflictions.<br /><br />

The Windigo was tired of constant battling and hunting for food and now through you, he can feast off your energy and the food that you consume -- blood is showcased in red meat -- and that is why you will need to have it once a week -- a burger, or steak would suffice.<br /><br />

This is a rare chance, as we have never noted a windigo to suffice and proclaim its life to be a marauder to humans. <br /><br />

You can be the master of the noted "beast"... if you are into unique abilities then this is the piece for you -- as by working with the piece you will showcase other powers that will reveal themselves to you from the windigo -- as his ancestral roots run deep~!<br /><br />

This piece is 100% Pure Amethyst.  It is a very valuable piece with even more valuable powers!!  Enjoy.