NWO Brain Control Item

NWO Brain Control Item

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The year was 1964.  It was an evening in Cordoba, Spain.  Strapped up for his battle with the bull was Spanish neuroscientis Jose M.R. Delgado.  Lucero, the bull in question, was amped up by professional bull fighters.  However, when it came time for the actual fight, Mr. Delgado decided that it was his own responsibility to test his own experimentation.  Just days before he had implanted electrodes into the bulls brain. 

Armed with nothing but a red cloth and a remote control, Delgado prepared to toe the line with the bull.  As Lucero charged, Delgado pressed a button on his remote, which calmed the bull instantly.  Lucero trotted off into some grass and forgot completely that he was ever emotionally provoked. 

Immediately, the government backlashed Delgado, in the guise that he was destroying the sport of bullfighting and ruining the industry.  However, it was the same government that secretly solicited Delgado for his powers.  When he refused, duplicate copies of his information were stolen from his home. 

This information has since been utilized by a sector of the New World Order.  It has been used to pacify and subdue the minds of individuals who attempted to speak out against their secret influence on the governing of the world.  The thing is that they have perfected Delgado's experimentation in a way that allows them to have the same energy without the necessary brain implementation as used in the Lucerno experiments. 

They can simply "shoot" the energy at an individual, which will scramble the individuals brainwaves, and make them forget what they are doing all together.  The energy itself has been stored into normal, every-day looking items such as jewelry, watches, eyeglasses, and other accessories. 

Don't ask how we got these items, because we will not release that information to you.  However, just know that we have these pieces that were made by the NWO and contain the same energy that was used in the Lucerno Experiment.  These piece have been furthered even one step further and give the peopel in control of their power the advantage of not only being able to scramble the brain of another individual, but also being able to control the thoughts of the other individual by interjecting their own thoughts into the targeted individuals brain.  It's a mechanism of remote brain control, because once you have your target selected this piece will work up to a few miles away. 

So, now you understand how Barack Obama was elected into office.  There were officials wearing supercharged cufflinks or neckties, controlling the brains of others, making the vote for the candidate they wanted to win.  It's okay though, because with these pieces you can do the same thing... or really whatever you want to do with them.  There are no restrictions on their powers.  They are just a free form of energy created by the NWO, stolen by us, and offered to you!!  Here's you chance!!

We're not selling these to control others brains, but rather when you need to get out of a bad situation like if you are going to be decapitated or sent to a FEMA camp.  This item gives you the strenght to control other individuals and get out of your bad situation.  It will stop panic in all situations, it'll keep you thinking clearly when you have to think fast.  When someone is coming after you, to abduct you, you will be able to render them mindless long enough for you to get away.    

This item is Sterling Silver and it is an extremely rare specimen that holds a very potent power!!  It is a ring, size 9, but can be worn as a pendant if that isn't your size.