3rd Eye Atlantis Connection

3rd Eye Atlantis Connection

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This item is from my trip to Atlantis with the item we received from the Tesla Hidden City of Time Travel.  We used to piece to travel to many places, my strongest experience was in the ancient lost continent of Atlantis. 

These pieces are the Atlantean 3rd Eye Crystals.  The same way the the Eye of Providence latched onto and opened my Atlantean Blue Eye, which is another way of saying Third Eye, this piece will develop a direct connection for you. 

Your direct connection involves a psychic and telepathic connections through the annals of time, all the way back to the time period of Atlantis, when their highly intelligent constituents existed on Earth.  Well, they still do, just in the guise of human form. 

It will put you on a connection that is like a psychic web that will connect you with all the other modern-age Atlantean beings, or those others that have in one way shape or form gained the opening of their Atlantean Third Eye. 

This will also give you the knowledge of ancient Atlantean magic and alchemy that allowed them to create all of their divine powers and their sacred temples.  With these sacred powers, the temples became banks of power, from which other powers were birthed.  You gain this power.  It will allow you to completely rejuvenate your existence, becoming encapsulated with Atlantean energy with a direct corresponce to the Atlantean Eye of Providence. 

On this piece is etched the Grand Temple of Atlantis.  This piece gives you a direct connection to the Temple and will take you there, admonishing full Atlantean power and knowledge to you!!