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Spirit of the Encantado

Many folks in South America won't venture near the Amazon River at night time.  This seems logical, right?  I don't think I'd want to be near such a massive river at night, either.  The funny part is, the natives to South America aren't held back by fear of drowning, unpredictable weather, animals that come out at night, or even huge arachnids with eight eyes hiding in the jungle waiting to feast upon hapless prey.  Nope.  They are more leery of the spirit of the Encantado. 

The encantad is a water spirit that lives just below the level of the water where you can feasibly see what is down there.  They live in their own realm of watery existence and come out at night, not to prey, but rather just to come out and experience this world. 

However to the encantado, their existence must remain a secret.  With that being said, should a traveler come across and encantada, the spirit will immediately shapeshift into human form and take on the form of a beautiful damsel.  This appearance tricks the traveler into thinking, "Why would there be such a beautiful lady out here in the jungle at night time?  She must be lost." 

Then, the traveler would most likely attempt to help the beautiful young lady.  Once the traveler was with range of the Encantada, the Encantada sings a magical song that will entrance the traveler and drive him mad to the point that, if he remembers where his home is, he will return babbling foolishly.  Hopefully, he will be able to recover. 

The Encantada possess some very unique magic including the ability to enter the minds of others and use their energy to manipulate their thoughts and control their minds.  They possess a rare type of water alchemy that allows them to manipulate energy fields and create thought forms that will be manifested inside the other's head. 

We have managed to trap the presence of the Encantada in this item.  It will allow you to enter the minds of others and manipulate the way they think, how they feel, their behavior, and the things they do.  Using this piece you can create free thought forms that you can pretty much impose upon anyone you choose.