Remembering the Molly Maguires

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Remnant of the Molly Maguires<br /><br />

A secret organization of Irish immigrants, the Molly Maguires, formed their group in the Coal Regions of Pennsylvania. <br /><br />

The members of the organization were said to be responsible for several incidents of violence and intimidation in which they directed towards the mining companies that employed and exploited them. <br /><br />

The Molly Maguires were hung in Old Carson County Jail, it is similar in design to Eastern State Penitentiary that is located in Philadelphia,... this occurred in late 1800's. <br /><br />

The design of the main showcased one mail cell block with a reconstructed gallows in the center. The solitary dungeon-like cells are in the basement. The main cell block looks the same as it did today as it did when the Molly Maguires were held there ins the late 1800's. <br /><br />

The two rear cells were used for solitary confinement after 1979, but prior to then the solitary cells were located in the basement. <br /><br />

The basement is very dark, damp, and creepy. Lighting had to be installed before it was opened for the tours that they have today.<br /><br />

The electrician that was hired to install the lights swore that he would never go down there again! There were shackles still attached to some of the walls. Until the laws were changed in 1979, prisoners were held in these dark, cold cells for up to two weeks at a time. It is so cold down there in winter! <br /><br />

Each cell has a thick metal door with a small opening in the top. Only one of the eight basement cells has a toilet. <br /><br />

Two of the Molly Maguires were said to have been held in these basement cells. They were James Kerrigan and Edward Kelly. <br /><br />

The most amazing aspect of the Molly Maguires resides with member Alexander Campbell. He was kept in cell # 17, which was on the main floor of the block. It is the cell to the immediate left if you are standing and looking at the reconstructed gallows. The wall of cell 17 bears the legendary handprint  that was left by Campbell before his execution. He was said to have placed his hand on the dirt floor and then pressed it against the wall -- he noted that the mark would remain forever as a sign of his innocence. <br /><br />

The handprint was first noticed after the execution, and since then it has been washed, painted over, dug out, and plastered over... after which it is said to fade and then return!<br /><br />

The handprint was examined by a geologist and analyzed using a chromatograph -- and the only material that was detected was the paint on the wall. <br /><br />

We investigated the jail, while on a tour, and while the tour group moved on Deedee stayed back in cell 17 and placed her hand on the handprint and was filled with extraordinary energy.<br /><br />

She was wearing the piece you see, and it captured the explosion of power! <br /><br />

When she joined back with our tour group her hair was filled with static and she was wide eyed and passive. <br /><br />

She told us about the energy that filled her body and the sensation that remained in this piece.<br /><br />

After running many tests we learned that this piece holds the energy of Alexander Campbell -- and this will strengthen you with the ability to showcase truth in all situations. <br /><br />

This is the ultimate lie detecting piece. Your mood will summons the feeling of pulsation when you are lied too.... this is an awesome asset for anyone to have. No need to go on the Maury show to have a lie detector done -- as you will know when someone is being untruthful right away!<br /><br />

The power of the innocence of the Molly Maguires is with you and will generate the fusion of power upon you~!<br /><br />