Vampire Viscount de Morieve

Vampire Viscount de Morieve

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Vampire Wealth:  Viscount de Morieve

For France, the time of the French Revolution was a tumultuous and troublesome time.  NOblemen lost their estates and their wealth was plundered.  There was literally no security for anybody in the country for anyone other than the people leading the revolution.  Very few of the French nobility survived.  Even fewer were able to retain their wealth.  The Viscount de MOrieve was an exception to the rules.  He continued to conspicuously propser. 

The Viscount was a very tall, thing, lean, and muscular man.  His forhead seemed to come to a point at the top and he had a very defined jaw line.  He was darkly and mysteriously handsome and had an air about him that almost seemed to suck people in instantaneously.  

Underneath his suave courtesy and kindness, he held a secret that was as dark and sinister as a stormy night with no moonlight.  During a time of uncertainty he had sold his soul to the devil.  The Viscount was given riches, wealth, fame, and power.  In return, he would serve the Lord of the Underworld during life by feeding on the blood of God's creation.  Upon death, his soul would roam the earth, continuing to feast on the blood of others. 

During his life, he would send for workers during the French Revolution, offer them pay, which was hard to come by during a time of oppression, and them kill them.  He drained them of their blood, drank it, and obtained any powers that were present.  This is why, unbeknowst to the general public he sent for a multitude of witches and sorcerers, killed them, and gained all they had to offer. 

When the constituents discovered his secret, they beheaded the Viscount.  Immediately after he was laid in his grave, people began dying, with mysterious bites on their bodies.  These turmoils kept on for 72 years before the Viscounts grandson succeeded the title. 

Eventually, the Grandson of the Viscount, after hearing of his grandfather's legacy, ordered the tomb open.  The tombs and everything else that was buried with the Viscount had decayed as normal; that is, except for the Viscounts body, which as perfectly preserved.  The lid to his tomb wasn't on properly, and his body was fresh and free of any type of decomposition.  His face was florid and there was blood in his heart and chest.  At this point, he was vanquished by a priest.  His body resumed normal decomposition and his spirit was released onto the spiritual plane. 

This item holds the spirit of the Viscount of Morieve.  It doesn't matter how we came into contact with it, only that we have.  It is the Viscount in his spiritual form.  We have cast white power into this piece, to counter balance the fact that the Viscount had evil tendencies and he sold his soul to the Devil.

With this item, you begin bonding with the Viscount of Morieve.  He is one of the most powerful vampires in French history. He will transform your soul into a vampire spirit form, and you will gain all of his supernatural and vampiric powers and energy forms.  You will gain all the abilities of a sanguine vampire, without the need to drink human blood.  There are no negative connotations with this piece, because we have expelled them.  What you are receiving is the dual form of a vampire spirit that is ultra powerful and will bring you a very invigoration rebirth.