Chalice of the Holy Fire

Chalice of the Holy Fire

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Chalice of the Holy Fire

Note to self.  When somebody doesn't want you to know what is actually going on, they place the blame on someone else.  This is the case when it comes to the 12th Century blood libel on the Jews.  According to Catholics in the 12th Century, Jewish people were kidnapping Christian children, using them in Blood Rites, grinding up their body parts, and using them for ceremonious food.  In actuality, this isn't true... not even a little bit... not at all. 

Note to Catholics:  William of Norwich isn't a Saint.  Neither is Little Saint Hugh of Lincoln.  William was never even canonized.  The only reason Little Saint Hugh's name is remembered is because  of a correlating Saint Hugh from the same town of Lincoln.  Other than that, Little Saint Hugh would be forgotten about.  He holds no powers.  It was just happenstance that these children were killed in the first place.  Then, prominent Christians exploited their Death, saying that Jewish people had captured these children and used then in blood rites.

Why?  Because the religious clerics wanted to cover up the fact that they were doing the same thing to nameless and countless Jewish children and forcing their immediate neighbors to stay clammed up about it.  Of course the locals feared murderers, so nothing was every said. 

The reason the Jewish children were killed is because the religious clerics in Lincoln found Chalice that was used in rituals to plunder the powers of God.  The item that we have has these powers re-channeled into from an original item from the Lincoln Cathedral that we will not be getting rid of. 

I used this piece to receive the vision of what happened to the Jewish children that were being murdered.  This piece gave me an out of body experience, during which I was able to reincarnate the Blood Rites of the Lincolnians.  First they would murder the Jew child in cold blood and drain him (it couldn't be female blood) into the Chalice.  When the Chalice was full the Earth began to shake and the Chalice leapt forth with flams that burned but could not consume.  They are the same flames that spoke to Moses in the burning bush.  Plus the Jew children that the Lincolnian clerics chose were proven to be direct descendents of Jesus' throne and helped to activate this religous phenomenon;  this made them jealous, because they wanted those powers.   

The Catholics used these flames and the powers of the descendents to the Throne of Christ to receive the miracle powers of the Throne.  Don't think these wicked men got away with it either, because they received their eternal punishment.  God gives us free will to do as we please.  These men abused it.  They will pay.  In the meantime, they were able to reap the miracle powers of the Throne of the Son during their mortal lives. 

These powers gave those Christians that used this piece whatever powers and energies they wanted to have.  Jesus is God.  God is the presence of all things.  He alone has command and authority over all, to practice any power, to perform any miracle, to see anything in the past, present and, future, to speak things into and out of existence, to manipulate any energy field, to govern the existence of all things.  This is the free energy form that this piece carries. 

This item also has the fire to construct the eternal flame that will ignite your own burning bush, so that way you can hold dialogue directly with the angels.  This will grant you Heavenly miracles that will make you new found powers even stronger and in tact than before.  It is said that with God all things are possible.  Indeed they are, and this ring is living, spiritual proof that Heavenly energy and power is abundant. 

This piece is very antique and holds what Deedee believes to be a diamond.