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This is a Shaman piece that hinders the ability of Sadana that will empower you with sexual prowess.<br /><br />

With this item you will gain lucid dreams, thought transference, invulnerability to enemy attacks, power to conjure human souls and gain high charismatic presence. <br /><br />

If you desire sex daily, even several times a day, and you do not get to release your tensions -- then you need this piece!<br /><br />

You will be able to surge your energies with the passion in the piece and feel an explosion of neurochemical circuits that will function the limbic system and engulf you with dopamine.<br /><br />

Dopamine governs the feelings of wanting, and is necessary for decision-making, happiness, and survival. Your receptors alter your sensitivity and associate your implications with your sex drive.<br /><br />

Produce the spectrum of perceiving the fetishes and addiction of sexual allure that heightens your libido and infuses motivation to grant you pleasure, satisfaction, and imperative expectations. <br /><br />