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In the Appalachian Mountains rests a medical oddity so unusual that it at first it seems to be a massive hoax.<br /><br />

Dating back to the early 1800s, an isolated family in eastern Kentucky - who can trace their roots back to a French orphan - started producing children who were blue.<br /><br />

As a result of a coincidental meeting of recessive genes, intermarriage and inbreeding, members of the Fugate family were born with a rare condition that made them visibly discolored.<br /><br />

It began when Martin Fugate, a French orphan, settled on the banks of eastern Kentucky's Troublesome Creek to claim a land grant in the early 19th century.<br /><br />

He married a red-haired American named Elizabeth Smith - who had a very pale complexion - and their union formed a genetic mutation that resulted in their descendants being born with blue skin.<br /><br />

If you would look at a picture of the family they appear to have been either Photoshopped or made up to mimic characters from the children's cartoon The Smurfs, but science proves that the condition is in fact real.<br /><br />

Called methaemoglobinaemia (commonly known as met-H), the condition reduces the individual’s ability to carry oxygen in their blood. As a result, their blood is darker than the color typically found running through people’s veins.<br /><br />

Because the Fugate family lived in such an isolated part of Kentucky, they intermarried with a neighboring family for generations which led to a relatively ‘pure’ gene pool where the met-H gene appeared much more frequently.<br /><br />

The family was first discovered in 1958 when one of the blue men, Luke Combs, who was a descendant of another branch of the Fugate family, took his white wife to the University of Kentucky Hospital and doctors paid more attention to him than his wife.<br /><br />

‘Luke was just as blue as Lake Louise on a cool summer day,’ doctor Charles H. Behlen II told the Tri-City Herald in 1974.<br /><br />

Aside from the stark discoloration of the carrier’s skin, there are no serious problems associated with the disease.<br /><br />

In 1980, a counter-intuitive solution was discovered where the blue person drinks a chemical-filled solution that is itself blue. This then turns the carrier’s blood into a ‘normal’ red hue which is then reflected in a change in skin tone.<br /><br />

The methaemoglobinaemia condition, or ‘met-H’, reduces someone’s ability to carry oxygen in the blood, leaving it darker than the color typically found in veins.<br /><br />

The Fugate family intermarried with a neighboring family for generations, which led to a relatively ‘pure’ gene pool, often including the met-H gene.<br /><br />

But as Kentucky became more populated and more genes came into the Fugate family tree, there were far fewer children born blue.<br /><br />

The gene is still around today but has now become statistically insignificant and there are no serious medical problems associated with it.<br /><br />

The amazement of the issues of incest are governed today and showcased as being wrong. There was literally a 32 year old woman who just got arrested for performing oral sex on her 16 year old son. He was taken away from her and placed with his father -- who has sole custody... she then someone got back in contact and started a physical, sexual, relationship with him! This is nasty and crazy.<br /><br />

Now granted back in the day, there were not a whole lot of people and that is why incest was not seen as a bad thing; in fact Royal families often stayed within their families for sexual encounters.<br /><br />

That is why you will often depict a strange hue in paintings, because they all had a blue glow about their skin.<br /><br />

The whole point of this is that pigment of genes that had met-H were recently discovered in a vessel. Blood of many generations were imparted into the item and it surged an amazing variance of power!<br /><br />

The piece was imploded with the shedding of innocent blood.<br /><br />

The gospel of Christ is the gospel of life, and the Christian’s defining reality. Yet the shedding of innocent blood, primarily through abortion, has now marked an entire generation. <br /><br />

Linking the aspect of the Blue Bloods with the incest, along with today's discern for life --- the structure of the vessel that was found resonates imperial powers of life!<br /><br />

This piece has been implemented into the blood and then cleansed with a mantra. You will be able to travel back upon the source of the days when families were merged together and be empowered with the merganser magic that connected in the brains as the DNA's collided.<br /><br />

Today the instances of incest showcase birth defects in babies, most likely resulting in retardation. However, back when this was the only facet of procreating, the DNA mergants began to radiate sparks of humanity that had incredible intelligence. The lessening of oxygen that brought about their hue was transferred in their aura which brought spiritual awareness and knowledge!<br /><br />

You will be integrated with an unbelievable knowledge of all the blue bloods of the past --- gaining the aspects of incredible emergence that brought about prosperity and growth in the world.<br /><br />

The leaders of yester-years were the imperial founders of our modern day technologies and you will be an assertion of brilliance when you connect with this piece.<br /><br />

Many people will never discover the amazing intelligence and past regressive knowledge that you will be filled with, even if they gain a Doctorate degree.<br /><br />

If you have always felt a bit left behind --- or out of the loop when people are holding intelligent conversations, then get this and floor them all with the wrath of lobal prosperity that will decree in your mind.<br /><br />