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Ahh wooo, werewolves of London!  Thank you Warren Zevon for that introl.  It is true though, I got this piece from a werewolf in London.  Okay, well it wasn't exactly a werewolf.  His name is Sir Addis and he is a hell hound.  Okay, well he isn't exactly a Hell hound, either.  Instead, he is the opposite.  He is a white-light heaven hound sent to Earth by God in his human form to act a protector of the human race against other predatory beings such as demons or evil succubae-- even other evil types of his own genus. 

This ring is one that he has made for us.  This is the piece that the Heaven hound liked, because he thought it was the perfect representation of the power he offered.  It is sarah Coventry, size six and a half.  This piece is th eye of the Hell Hound.  On the piece you will notice the eye.   the pupil is black and the outer circle is a rainbow color.  Sir Addis picked this piece to exemplify the many facets and multiple abilities of his powers. 

The Hellhound's Eye is a pure white light divination piece that will open an angelic third eye.  This eye will correspond to God's great wisdom and you will be given the gift of knowledge over many white light spells and abilities.  They are the same secret encryptions that can be found in the Bible. 

This piece also will act a protective eye, keep you safe from danger in both physical and spiritual realms of existence.  It will act a shield and block you from such things as spells, voodoo curses, witchcraft curses, demonic onslaughts, and any other evil thing you can think of.  It will guide you down a path of righteousness that will allow you to always remain in God's light and within the realm of his sacred powers.