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Blood Moon Alchemy

This is a very powerful little ring.  It was made by a vampire to manifest an array of powers that he exemplifies.  It is all Sterling silver, just so you know.  Sterling silver pieces are some of the best to have around and you guys know that.  It is a size 7.5 ring.  Don't worry if your ring size is bigger or smaller than that, because it can be work as a pendant around a chain.  Sterling silver works best.  We have some if you need one let us know. 

Anyway, as I'm sure you've guessed this item has something to do with blood.  It's your blood!  To activate the powers in this piece, all you have to do is prick your ring finger and fill the moon crevice with a drop of your blood.  Then you concentrate and focus on what you want the blood-moon alchemy ring to do for you.  You must keep the blood there for the entire lunar month, until the next full moon when the power will be granted to you.  At this time you can replace the old blood with fresh blood and start the process over again, asking for something different if you choose. 

Don't worry about the blood if you are wearing this piece as a pendant.  The moon crevice has ridges that will keep your blood intact on the ring.  You just need a drop, not a bucket.  It will be okay. 

Here are the things that this ring can accomplish for you: 

-Opening of the Third Eye to heighten your spiritual ability and awareness of your existence.

-Full psychic ability and full telepathic ability

-Cleansing of your chakratic system and your aura

-Moon money spell (chant "money money come to me, as the moon shines down on me... three times)

-It will peform any moon spell that you can find in any grimoire or magical text

-For the ladies (and gays) It will summon the presence of a full sanguine vampire to be your partner as a lover or partner in sex and to bring him to you in full spiritual form.  (Note:  once you have summoned him, he will remain with you)

-For men, it will summon a wise teacher and instructor in the ways of the sanguine vampire that will shed light on true sanguine existence, giving you full knowledge of their complete sorcerery.  Okay, this will work for anyone who doesn't want to enjoy the incredible sex this vampire has to offer... just saying.  

-It will allow you to fully master the power of the lunar tides and the spiritual waves that the moon creates for the Earth.  if will allow you to remain physical and mentally calm and to psychically manipulate the behavior of others  (have fun!!).