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Oak Island Spiritual Wealth Compass

Nova Scotia's government is set to purchase an island off the coast of its mainland.  Currently, the island is owned by two estranged business partners who have owned the island for nearly 40 years.  They have been locked in legal heat over the island for 7.  The significance of the island?  It is the rumored resting spot of treasure belonging to Captain Kidd.  After not being able to find the treasure the business partners turned sour.  

If you really want to experience the wealth of Oak Island, then this piece is the perfect culprit for you.  We received it a few months back from an associate and have been working to understand exactly how its powers work.  It contains the spirits of all those who have perished in search of Captain Kidd's treasure.  These spirits will be your spiritual compass towards riches and wealth.  You will know the wealth of Captain Kidd, one of history's most reknowned and notorious pirates. 

These spirits want you to succeed where they have failed, which is why they want to help you out, so they can finally rest after achieving their accomplishment.  This item will point you in the direction of vast wealth and success, whether this will come in the form of a job promotion or winning the lottery depends on your destiny and the circumstance of your life.  Bonding with this piece by concentrating on you intentions is the best way to release and realize the powers the spirits are offering you as acting as your compass to wealth.