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The wealthy and the priviledged have always had the best of the best- even if it was something as simple as the best bacon.  In Medieval Europe, it was considered to be a real treat when they could obtain pork- they were so proud of this achievement that they would often hang it over the mantle of the fireplace to showcase it.  It not only make their houses smell awesome, but it was a status thing.  Visitors that would drop in on them would see this as a sign of wealth because the man could "bring home the bacon".  (Mmmmmmm)  In order to impress the people that would stop by their house, they would cut small pieces of it off and share with their guests.  They would sit around the fire and just share common pleasantries or "chew the fat".
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Another food related division of class was was made possible with bread.  When bread was baked, the bottom would often become black and hard, as it was closest to the fire and the top wouldn't be quite done.  The middle of the loaf was probably slightly overcooked, but not to the point where it was crusty and virtually inedible.  The top of the bread was baked to a soft, delicious, golden brown and was the tastiest part of the bread.  So when it came time to divvy up the portions of bread- the workers received the bottom as they were considered beneath others.  The middle layer was given to the family because they were "middle class".  The royalty and guests received the top of the loaf or the "upper crust".  This is where that elitist term originates.
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Are you shy?  Do you wish you had confidence?  Does it seem like everyone around you is getting ahead, while you remain trapped in your stagnant life?  Do you feel entitled to things that you see others getting?  How would you like to make "confidence sandwich"?  Wouldn't it be nice if you were the one who initiated conversations?  Do you often feel that
you have things to say, but are afraid?  How great would it be if you were a have, instead of a have not?  Then this is the piece for you.  Prepare to revamp your life with a new found confidence and come out of your shell.  Carry yourself with a new air that tells others that they need to know you- that you are great and they will wish that some of that greatness would rub off on them.<br /><br />

In Medieval times lived Samsamara a well known sorcerer. She was good and kind but knew a balance. She doled out prophecy and helped those in poverty which wasn't like it is now. Back then there was no welfare,FOO stamp and beenyFITS,things were not owed to people. In that time you were born into a station just like the second paragraph talks about. You had a hard time changing anything unless you were a shyster. This meant moving to another country and acting like you were royalty or some other farce. Most times these things never happened so you were pretty much doomed. Samsamara helped those who were starving,ailing or of diminished capacity. But there were others like her who sought to learn a better way. These women would come to her and ask. That is what she looked for,ambition! Those that did not have it just got by,others like her, she taught the magic of the ancients and now she would be one of them.  Samsamara was of the blood line of Daniel and so her prophesy and magical abilities were great! Once she had 7 women who wanted to learn how to do magic she called them the power of the 7 saintly sisters. These sisters in magic were and still are an unbroken chain. Each of their lives went in different ways but the magic always remained. Here are the their lives and their names.<br /><br />

Fina- was extremely poor but with a very high intelligence. She sought to help those in her village and to heal the sick. She had a brother who was lame but other wise fine. He had his leg crushed by a horse when he was a baby. Her mother took him and left him in the woods to die because she figured one less mouth to feed. Fina brought him back but had to seek the help of Samsamara to help the family. During her teachings she did a blood sisterhood as they all did and a ritual that made her very powerful.<br /><br />

Thea- was in her 40's when she sought out Samsamara. She had a husband that beat her and was tired of having to depend on him. The last straw for her was when he beat her daughter.<br /><br />

Isolde- was very young,in her teens. We could not get an exact age on her because she likes to act like she is older. She was an orphan and placed into the slave trade. She ran away when she was sold to an older man and had heard of Samsamara.<br /><br />

Cicely- was a born psychic who had a fully opened third eye but could not make out her visions meanings. Through the teachings of Samsamara she learned.<br /><br />

GOlda- was of royalty back then but was not happy being told that women could not educate themselves. Her main interests were in conjuring the ancients. Samsamara liked her because she had a thirst for learning.<br /><br />

Eustacia- was born blind because her mother had herpes during her birth. Even though she was blind she could see the dead as clear as you can see your own family. While this was good for her and always gave her someone to talk to she wanted to expand on magical abilities in the hopes that she would become like others.<br /><br />

The names and the reasons why they came to Samsamara are not important but when we have this information we give it. What they all accomplished together is what are in these rings. There is a chain of 7,never to unlock,always powerful and will be bound to you,the unbroken chain of power. Here is what they all do.<br /><br />

Each ring holds the power,knowledge,teachings,magic and connection to the ancients. You will get,total third eye open,the ability to conjure wealth ( yes actually conjure it) the ability to heal the aura and the soul in order to heal the body. Healing the soul and the aura is the first step in healing the body. The ability to find love and to keep it. To have a hormonal balance. This is important because it opens up all psychic ability. In women this is one of the things that needs to happen as soon as you figure it out. Absorbtion of powers from others that have them but don't use them. Full ability to conjure UPON anyone. Allowing you to see beyond this realm. You will also be able to bring into existence any type of magic you need to work with and have it completed to your satisfaction.<br /><br />

The rings that we placed this magic in are made of stainless steel and we could only do 7 of them. One is mine so there are only six left. The sizes are 10 1/2  10.25, 9.5,8.5,8 and 9.25. The colors are gorgeous in blues,emeralds,purples,green,the colors are so beautiful I can't describe them.