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I have a morning routine.  It involves hearing my alarm, rolling over, putting in on snooze a few times and then doing it all over again.  When I finally roust myself out of bed I look at my phone to figure out what day it is.   This morning I looked at my calendar and it read May 1, 2012 AD.  Okay, well it didn't say AD, but you get the picture.  

Allow me to introduce you to the reality of things.  Why is it May 1, 2012?  Because that's what people want you to believe.  Why isn't it 2011?  Could it be 1700?  Well yes, in fact it could be any date between the 1700th decade and the 2010th decade.  In fact, I think it would be safe to say that nobody really has a true grasp on the concept of time. 

In the 1500s the Catholic Church noticed that Easter kept on occurring later and later in the year.  Easter was on track to occur in the summer and eventually even the Fall.  It was determined that the error lied in the current Julian calendar.  Hence, a new calendar called the Gregorian calendar was devised and an edict declared that all Catholics will now adopt this new Calendar.   It had something to do with leap years not adding up right, but opponents to the Gregorian calendary claim that the math was done incorrectly, essentially losing 300 years somewhere along the line.  There have been those that suggest this happened to fake the manifestations of prophecy.  Whatever the case is, I'm not here to argue conspiracy theory. 

Here's the thing.  Time travel is out of reach of the hands of so many people.  I'm talking about highly intelligent people-- even geniuses.  Why?  Because the confliction of the two calendars and the fact that nobody really knows what year it is.  Thus, the internal time mechanisms that tell us things like, "Hey, you're getting old," or "Hey it's time to wake up or grow facial hair" or whatever the case may be, are not programmed in fully sychrony with the universe.  This means our brains are in a constant state of chronological disarray.  Sounds serious right? 

It is.  It's the reason why so many people lived to be 800 or 900 years old in the Bible and why people are croaking at young ages of 57 or 62 in today's society.  It is also the most single-handed reason why time travel-- except in rare instances-- has been impossible!! 

When the internal time mechanism of two conflicting places in time are essentially dually existing, it really does a number on a person.  It throughs of equilibrium and does not allow them to fully understand time.  If you don't fully understand time, all the resulting calculations on how to control time are simply inaccurate.  Of course they aren't going to work.. It's like thinking 2 is really 3, then 2+2 become 6, and now all of a sudden instead of having 4 items you have 6.  Is it really 6, or is it 4?  Is it 2 or is it 3?  Don't let this confuse you... I'm just saying. 

I brought these pieces back from Tesla's Hidden City.  If you've listened to the radio show at all, you will know that Tesla is the Time Travel expert.  He rose above the Julian/Gregorian conflict to a stage of enlightenment where he really knew what was going on... and I mean really knew.  The man was a literal genius... smarter that Albert Einstein when it came to reletivity and time travel.  I got these pieces over the weekend when I was using the Tesla item to investigate it further. 

I came across these pieces in a time archive that is held on the top story of watchtower on the border of Tesla's Hidden City.  I wasn't sure why, at first, but I just had the most curious itch to ascend the watchtower.  Turns out these pieces were calling out to me.  There were radiating a psychic mind connection-- the one that is going to help you conquer the essence of time and freely travel in time to wherever you please. 

These pieces will realign your mind's chronomatic zodiac, resetting your internal time mechanism to be perfectly in sync with real time and real space, not some fabricated man-made garbage.  It is then that you will fully understand the essence of time and how to master time and space travel using the spatial and chronomatic powers that are in these items!