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I got a call today by a man that has been studying the zone of silence for a great many of years. He read the listing on my website and said he had some information on Egyptian aliens.<br /><br />

He was in the NYC area and wanted to know if I could see him today and of course I said yes! These things are very interesting to me. He gave me items that brought love from the sky or heavens. He said that everyone has a match and it is mainly our destiny to find that person because it brings out true love. He went on to say that through true love our souls learn so much and we become enlightened. I asked how does that happen and he said it happens because we are not so focused on ourselves when we feel true love for another.<br /><br />

Basically the paranormal is not just of this world and exists all over the place. Many species,creatures and aliens are seeking some of the same things that we are. Often they know more on us on some subjects and we know more on others.<br /><br />

A very interesting thing I learned was that 10,000 years ago they did not have high emotions or emotions that caused feelings of love. That there were objects that held that energy and they would give them out so they could have children and want to be with another. Why I find this interesting is that this chemical that they were born with is the same that the our government in the US wants to inject people with so they could control them. The aliens of that planet that the guy met were trying to find a way to become greater when he we are trying to go cavemen,just strange to me.<br /><br />

What he gave me I felt so fast it was very unexpected as most times things do take time. What I got from him was one energy capsule ( he called them that ) of love,one of wealth which was used among many planets and two that allow you to gaze into the future and alter it using the energy inside. It was this energy that allowed them to alter the existence they had 10,000 plus years ago. He also told me that everything starts with the heart and the mind and so that is why they are shaped as they are.