Into the Magic Door
Into the Magic Door
Into the Magic Door

Into the Magic Door

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Into the Magic Door


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I will continue on with information about the Blood General and things I learned in Heaven when I get back. The Blood General is King Louies duplicate. No one is seeing him unless King Louie lets him.

In Rome there is a curiosity that stands above ground that can't really be described or categorized as anything.  It is located in the Piazza Vittorio Emmanuele.  Within the confines of this structure is a white door that leads to nowhere.  It is guarded by two large statues of epic proportion.  These guardians have been set in the wall and bricked up. 

Above the door is a disk equally as large bearing the six-pointe Solomon star.  The archway is decorated with cabalistic signs and latin inscriptions; but from where and whom do the inscriptions hale?  Well, I though you'd never ask!! 

In the 1600s a man name Massimiliano Palombara, the marquis of Pietraforte, was obsessed with the idea of turning base metals into gold... you know, alchemy.  He had a laboratory built on his estate and would hold experimentations in these laboratories, attempting to accmompish his life long dream.  The Magic Door originally served as the door to his laboratory. 

One morning Palombara found a fellow enthusias in his garden preparing magical herbs and what not for the transformation.  His name was Giuseppe Borri.  Borri was an alchemist and messianic prophet who studied with many cabalistic greats from many secret schools.  Palombara had heard of him before, so he agreed to allow Borri to set up an experimentation in his laboratory. 

Howver, much to his disapproval, the next day when Palombara returned, he found no gold.  Instead he found a series of secret notes and symbols etched into the doorway of his laboratory.  He would spend the rest of his life attempting to figure out the meaning of the inscriptions. 

What he found on the door were the inscriptions I've described above.  Along the very top of the door frame read a Hebrew inscription, "Ruah Elohim," which means Holy Spirit.  Beneath that is an even longer inscription that references the story of Jason and the Golden Fleece.  The beginning of the inscription reads, "The dragon of the Hesperides guards the entrance to the magic garden."  The uprights of the frame on either side of the door bear the symbols of three planets that also allude to metal.  On the left side are Saturn, Mars, and Mercury, which respectively represent lead, iron, and mercury.  Jupiter, Venus, and the Sun are on the right and equal tin, copper, and gold.  Each planet holds a motto.  For example, written with the planet Saturn is, "When in your house black crows shall beget white doves, then you will be called wise. 

On the bottom of the door the monad, which is the emblem of God, is depicted.  It reads, "It is the secret task of the Truly wise man to open the earth so that it may propagate salvation for the people."  The Latin inscription that is there located reads, "If you do not sit you go forward."

Above the doorframe is a large disk-shaped plaque with a Latin motto that encompasses the Star of Solomon.  It reads, "There are three wonders:  God and Man, mother and virgin, one and three."  The bottom half of the star is partly covered up by a cross within the confines of a circle disk.  On the cross is also a triangle and a circle (a Rosicrucian symbol) with the motto, "The center is in the triangle of the center." 

What people fail to realize is that the origins of Alchemy does not lie in metal.  The white door leads to nowhere on purpose.  It is the secret of the inscriptions on the the white that are important, not where the door goes to.  For those of us who have internalized the voice of magic, we understand that the white door is symbolic of something else entirely.  It's not the physcial door that matters.  No, instead, the real white doorlies in the brain and controls the alchemy in the soul.  It is the very essence of our spiritual transformation into something better than what we already are. 

This ring will bring you the esoteric truths of the cabalistic Magic White Door.  It will open up the White Door in your brain that will release the wisdom of full soul alchemy to you.  This will allow you to know all things about the soul and to remove the veil of life to see into the other side.  This is a great piece for ascension and obtaining maximum light powers.  It will give you extreme divine wisdom, upon which the world was founded.  It is is the ultimate spiritual piece.