Alien President

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I will continue on with information about the Blood General and things I learned in Heaven when I get back. The Blood General is King Louies duplicate. No one is seeing him unless King Louie lets him.  
Do aliens exist?  Does the government have knowledge of this existence?  Is the government lying to you about any of it?  Does a bear sh... oops, got a little off topic exposing truths there for a second...  The answer to all of these questions, is a resounding yes.  Aliens do exist and have been interacting with the human race for centuries AND man has been aware of this fact.  The government is not only aware of them, but has communicated with and worked with them on many occasions...

According to a BBC journalist, who interviewed a former consultant for the U.S. Congress AND the Pentagon, he has irrefutable proof.  In this report the person that was interviewed states that President Eisenhower had no less than three recorded meetings with extraterrestrial lifeforms at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico.  Very little is known what was discussed at these conferences, due the level of security involved AND the fact that they were conducted with the use of telepathy.  It is believed that these interactions were collaborated with the President, the F.B.I., and the aliens themselves solely through the use of this telepathy.  This eliminates the need to have a papertrail or possibly create any incriminating evidence that could be detrimental to the President or his administration.  This telepathic ability was given to the President by the aliens or with the use of some device that the aliens provided to conduct these meetings.  Prior to these meetings, the world news organization were led to believe that the President was going on vacation or was conducting other such business that provided the perfect alibi while he met with the beings from other worlds. 

What evidence has surfaced and survived states that the initial meeting between the President and the aliens, doesn't discuss the details- but does describe the beings that the President met with were 'Nordic' in their appearance.  There are other reports that say an agreement was reached with them, but when it was actually signed- the race known as the "Greys" were in attendance.  While the proceedings of all of these meetings and what the ultimate result of them is unknown, it supports the fact that not only is the government aware of the aliens- but they have had direct contact with them and most likely still are to this very day.

The piece that we are offering was retrieved during an unrelated "investigation" where these meetings were to have been reportedly held (and summarily denied).  While this piece may have other attributes that have yet to be discovered, it does allow for the use of telepathic communication.  In addition to having the ability to use telepathy to communicate with the aliens and other people that already possesss the gift- you have the unique ability to question the aliens about the clandestine meetings that they were privvy to that have been dismissed as government cover-ups or conspiracy theories. 

This piece will unlock your own alien DNA.  You will be implanted with a brain activation that creates brand-new technology.  This is how the aliens will communicate their ancient wisdom with you.