Divine Trinity of the Sun
Divine Trinity of the Sun
Divine Trinity of the Sun
Divine Trinity of the Sun

Divine Trinity of the Sun

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Divine Trinity of the Sun

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I will continue on with information about the Blood General and things I learned in Heaven when I get back. The Blood General is King Louies duplicate. No one is seeing him unless King Louie lets him.
The sun is a supreme celestial body that showcases the antiquity of facets that forecast assignments from the highest Gods. It has become the symbol of the supreme authority of the Creator Himself.

From a deep consideration of the powers and the principles of the sun has come the concept of the Trinity.

The tenet of the Triune Divinity is not peculiar to most religious affiliates as they all encompass a part of the dogma from the greatest religions of both ancient and modern times.

The aspect of most Trinities was the representation of the threefold form of one Supreme Intelligence, or God.

The daily manifestations of the sun showcase the origin of the Trinity. The sun is the orb that is the symbol of all light! It has three distinct phases: rising, midday, and setting. The phases divide the life of all things into three distinct parts: growth, maturity, and decay.

The twilight of the dawn and the twilight of evening is the high noon of resplendent glory. God the Father, is the Creator of the world, and is symbolized by the dawn. His color is noted as blue, because the sun rising in the morning is veiled in a blue mist.

God the Son, the Illuminating One sent to bear witness of His Father before all worlds, is the celestial globe at noonday, radiant and magnificent, the maned Lion of Judah, the Golden-haired Savior of the World. Yellow is His color and His power is without end.

God the Holy Ghost is the sunset phase, when the orb of the day, robed in red, rests for a moment upon the horizon line and then vanishes into the darkness of the night to wander in the lower worlds and later rise again triumphant from the embrace of darkness.

The power and embrace of the Trinity is something so illusive and complete that it would bless and bring fortification to anyone who is able to feel the true wrath of its generative power. We are all touched by the sun's warmth, but we do not instill the follicles of the complete ratification --- but you can now with this remarkable piece!!

This is a substantive scepter of the golden ornaments used by the priest-craft to collide and bond the solar energy of the Trinity into your spirit. You will be blessed and filled with the radiated triumph that will uncover the antiquity of dignified and exalted empowerment that will bring you the complete rays of points that are copies of the the kingdoms of Heaven; meaning you will be blessed with angelic forces and solar discs that will associate supreme light into your soul~!