Vadoma, Bloodline of the Endor Witch
Vadoma, Bloodline of the Endor Witch
Vadoma, Bloodline of the Endor Witch
Vadoma, Bloodline of the Endor Witch
Vadoma, Bloodline of the Endor Witch
Vadoma, Bloodline of the Endor Witch

Vadoma, Bloodline of the Endor Witch

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I will continue on with information about the Blood General and things I learned in Heaven when I get back. The Blood General is King Louies duplicate. No one is seeing him unless King Louie lets him.When I first picked these pieces up, I wasn't really quite sure what i was doing.  I mean, don't get me wrong, the pieces are definitley unique.  You can tell by looking at them; but I felt a pull towards them.  It was almost like a magnetic attraction.  I knew immediately that I must have these items.  I honestly wouldn't have cared if they were salt shakers at that point.  They were going to be mine. 

After I got these pieces, I kept them near me, because I really wanted to find out what was going on with them.  I tried testing them at first to no avail.  The powers didn't want to relinquish themselves to me for love nor money.  It was a very confusing experience, but also a frustrating one. 

One night all this changed.  I hadn't done anything out of the normal.  I was testing the pieces at home, waiting on them to do their thing.  I was beginning to lose hope, thinking that maybe my attraction to the pieces was just some sort of fancy for their art work.  I was disappointed.  I turned off the light and go in bed. 

It wasn't long before I heard a soft whisper beckoning me from across the room where I had put the pieces before I went to bed.  It called out my name, not ominously, but in a way that suggested he-she-it wanted to makea connection.  Curiously, I got out of bed and made way over the wooden figurines I had placed there earlier. 

I picked the pieces up in my hand and immediately, I felt a jolt of energy surge through my body and Immediately began to feel intoxicated.  Consciousness faded and when I returned, I was no longer in my bedroom.  In fact, I'm not really sure where I was.  I was in a room with trinkets, orbs, and other small relics all over the place.  There was a strong smell of incense and I could vaguely make out smoke rising from the other side of the room. 

The other side of the room.  That is where I met Vadoma.  She was sitting on a chair type thing across the room, with a small table that included a gazing ball and several red candles.  I called out to her and she motioned for me to come closer.  Hesitantly, I looked around the room.  The funny thing is that there were no doors or windows, so thinking back on the situation I must have been encapsulated inside of a realm that Vadoma created for herself. 

On the walls there were inscriptions.  It looked Persian or something,  The closer I got to them, I could hear that the inscriptions were whispering, as if they had a life of their own.  It was then that I understood that these were the whispers I heard from across the room.  It was Vadoma whispering, rather it was the inscriptions beckoning me.  The walls were crimson and the inscriptions were in gold. 

I made my way over to the woman, who spoke with a thick accent and told me her name was Vadoma.  She had jet black hair, with a single red accent and piercing, icy blue eyes that were cool like glaciers.  She emanated magic.  I could feel it all over the closer I got to her.  She spoke in a soft, commanding voice. 

She informed me that she was an original Romani witch.  She is from the blood lineage of the Witch of Endor, who summoned the prophet Samuel to deliver a message to King Saul.  The pure magic of the Witch of Endor had been solidified in her offspring, of which Vadoma is one.  Vadoma, in fact, is one of the Witch's ancestors who kept in contact with her roots.  She is a very mystical woman.  Vadoma's name means "the knowing one".  She is the most powerful of the Witch of Endor's descendants and has fully revived the bloodline. 

These items were made by Vadoma.  She made them as vessels to carry two forms of her magical blood line.  To activate the powers in these pieces, you must open it and place a part of yourself in it-- a strand of hair, a nail clipping, a tear, a drop of blood, etc.  This will automatically activate the powers.  Apparently, I had unwittingly deposited an eyelash in one of the containers.  Later, these containers can be used as holders for herbs, spices, extracts, parfums, and other offerings that will enhance your magic.

There are two containers.  They both go together.  While they both summon Vadoma, the knowing one, they both have their distinct abilities.  The red one with horns will summon Vadoma and bring you her presence to you for enlightenment in dark and dual magic.  She will teach you, with her sacred inscriptions, all the secrets of dark and dual magic.  You will gain all of her ancient knowledge, spells, divinations, rituals, etc.  The one that looks like humpty dumpty dressed as a Pilgrim is actually symbolic of all light magic.  It is used the same way as the former, but it manifests only white magic abilities.  There are no exceptions.  This is an extreme white light piece and will give you all of Vadoma's powers including her white light incantations, echantments, spells, and divining rituals.

Both of these pieces bring you the ability to search into the realms beyond, with a psychic ability to communicate with spirits or beings you will encounter.  These pieces also exhibit their own protective aura that will keep you safe from all predatory forces including demons, dark entities, souls suckers, etc.  These are very powerful pieces of raw, original powers.  Why else would the power have been used by Biblical prophets?  It really is that powerful!!