Emotions Spar the War:  Mastering Your Mind

Emotions Spar the War: Mastering Your Mind

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Have you assumed that one part of something has to be applied to

all, or other, parts of it?

Often when something is true for the part it does also apply to

the whole, but the crucial difference is whether there exists

good evidence to show that this is the case. Because we observe

consistencies in things, our thinking can become biased so that

we presume consistency to exist where it does not.

Example: Steve was a precocious child and had a liking for logic.

He reasoned that atoms are invisible, and that he was made of

atoms and therefore invisible too. Unfortunately, despite his

thinky skills, he lost the game of hide and go seek.

This piece is a transitional mind empowering piece that will

impart the ability to break apart complex matters and understand

all follicles of the puzzle. Never again will you need

instructions to put things together, or how to work with things,

as this piece will impart the ability to "just know" what to do!!

Very cool piece that will change your life with all that your

brain will reveal to you... this will have you seeing the world

differently    ~


Are you an emotional mess? Always finding yourself clouded in

your head with concern, or discern, over other people's issues

and trying to help them solve their problems?!

You are one that attempts to manipulate an emotional response in

place of a valid or compelling argument.

Your spirit appeals to emotions instantly, including appeals to

fear, envy, hatred, pity, pride, and more.

It's important to note that sometimes a logically coherent

argument may inspire emotion or have an emotional aspect, but the

problem and fallacy occurs when emotion is used instead of a

logical argument, or to obscure the fact that no compelling

rational reason exists for one's position.

Everyone, bar sociopaths, is affected by emotion, and so appeals

to emotion are a very common and effective argument tactic, but

they're ultimately flawed, is honest, and tend to make one's

opponents justifiably emotional.

A tester spotted a scenario with his son, Mitch didn't want to

eat his liver and onions with asparagus, but his father told him

to think about the poor, starving children in a third world

country who weren't fortunate enough to have any food at all.

Is this guilt, or a play of power on emotions? You decide -- but

guess what ... the power in this piece is to align the chemical

reactors in your brain to bring you fast action responses of wit

and charisma to facilitate reasoning and aspects of power to

manipulate and source your regiment of knowledge upon those

around you!  It does this by bringing inner piece and alignment

to the responders in your brain known as neurolapses. 

This works well for the business advocate, or person looking to

get a promotion, or be attractive. Quick wit, communication

skills and intelligent response will get you far... and you will

no longer be at a loss for words with this piece!


This piece is all sterling, both the charm and the chain!!  Sterling conducts a magicl allure that will make this piece especially potent to work to your advantage.