Priest Holes

Priest Holes

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I will continue on with information about the Blood General and things I learned in Heaven when I get back. The Blood General is King Louies duplicate. No one is seeing him unless King Louie lets him.Priest Holes

I'm going to sum the history part up quickly for you, so I can get to the good stuff!  Henry VIII was the heir to the throne.  In an arranged marriage he was married to Catherine of Aragon.  For lack of a better term his wife was a "B" with an "itch".  Conversely, he fell for a woman named Anne Boleyn.  He wanted to divorse Catherine and marry Anne.  He had Parliament pass the Act of Supremacy, appointing the King as the head of the church of England and breaking from Rome. 

This made things very uncomfortable for the people who wanted to remain Catholic.  The King issued an edict requiring all of his constituents to convert to this Protestantism. He outlawed Catholicism completely, ordering all Priests to be executed.  This set the back drop for a scene that included harbingers of Catholic masses.  They were held in the attics and rafters of large buildings, that way should they hear the royal troops approaching, the secret Priest could be hidden.

This wasn't very efficient, as the King's troops became privvy to  the hiding spots and the priests were being killed off.  It actually became more like a martyrdom for a Catholic to become a Priest.  Under Henry's Catholic daughter, there was a bit of a break.  However, her successor, Elizabeth I, Henry Tudor's other daughter took the throne there was a full onslaught of Catholic witch hunts.  Just professing Catholicism became punishable by death. 

This is when a temporal coadjutor named Nicholas Owens, who later went under the alias "Little John", began building what became known as Priest holes.  They were brick and mortar hiding spots for secret Catholic Priests, complete with feeding tubes.  People would come to hear the Catholic Priests give mass from their hiding places, where the priests would also hear his confession.  During investigations, that would sometimes last days, these priests were kept in their hiding spots.  They would be fed broth and other bits of food that could be passed through the feeding tubes. 

If the investigations lasted a very long time, sometimes the priests wouldn't get fed, or even worse they would be forgotten about.  Of course, the inevitable followed and the priests would die in their "Priest Hole".  

This holds a piece that was found with a deceased priest in a "priest hole" that was apparently forgotten about.  It was found by in a house that used to serve as a secret Mass meeting place.  It was bought by a friend of a friend.  We sent investigators to them immediately.  The investigators recovered the skeleton of a hidden priest, complete with a copy of his bible, Mass transcript, and several relics. 

The relics were sent to us for investigation and after investigating these piece, we have determined that they are all natureal except for one.  the stone in this ring was found in the pocket of the priests pocket.  We had it perfected, shaped, and set into this item.  While investigating this item, we determined the presence of the priest who was deceased was drawn to this stone. 

The item summons the powers of a persecuted Catholic Priest from the 1500s.  His name is Basil, and he is a total white light spirits, allowed to remain in this piece by God so that way he can pass on his blessings to others.  This piece holds the secret Masses of God that contain knoweldge and power of his secret reserve of white light divination.  This will give you the secrets of full white magic that has been used throughout the ages to heal, grant wishes, do miracles, grant immortality to saints and apostles alike. 

This piece will also act as a protection piece.  Basil will become your guardian angel and trace your footsteps with luck and good fortune.  He will also be your intercessor that will give you white light angelic telepathy that will allow you beseech the powers and magic of angels. 

This piece shine's forth from a dark place-- Basil's Priest Hole.  It is very powerful and will spark and change and a difference in your own life. 

This ring holds a beautiful stone and is cast in sterling silver.