Enthronement of the Fallen Angel Lucifer

Enthronement of the Fallen Angel Lucifer

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Enthronement of the Fallen Angel Lucifer

Let me begin with a disclaimer that we do NOT sell demonic pieces and this doesn not give you a demon or anything along those lines.  Let's move forward.  Sitting in the shadows of the Sistine Chapel is a lesser known sanctuary; only this one is thoroughly private.  It is the 16th Century Pauline Chapel of the Vatican's Apostolic Palace.  It has a deep-rooted connection to the last days, which at the chapel are referred to as the Availing Time. 

The Availing Time is the time that awaits.  It is the time that is written about in Revelation and the Book of Daniel.  LUcifer will come to Earth to take control and proclaim himself as ruler over mankind.  As if this doesn't seem unnerving enough, the Catholic Church is attempting to play a hand in the whole coming to pass of events that God has sole discretion over.  It's kind of pissing him off. 

The Pauline Chapel, referred to as the Capella Paolina, is never open to the public.  It is the place where the caridnals gather at the beginning of each conclave to elect a worthy successor to take over the Papacy.  It is also home to two very important pieces of artwork done by Michelangelo.  They are called, "Conversion of Saul" and "Crucifixion of St. Peter"  It is the secret code of these paintings that have enlightened cardinals and has given them the ability to serve up a dose of very terrifying reality.  It was done during a ritual called the "enthronement of the Fallen Angel Lucifer," which seeks to enact Lucifer's reign on Earth. 

In the 1960s a group of prelates got together in total secrecy, with secret approval and ordainment of the Holy See.  They visited the Pauline Chapel on June 29, 1963 in order to bring forth the Availing Time.  Questioning was never brought forward to the Holy See for their involvement simply because the ritual wasn't well-known. 

The account comes from a private source who wishes to remain anonymous because he fears reprieve from the Catholic higher-ups.  Anyhow, this person had deep rooted inside connections and was actually present for the ceremony.  This person has since claimed to have left the Catholic Church, or rather claims that "they left him" after he disagreed with the intention of the ritual. 

During the ritual a strong haze began to set in, to the point that the prelates could barely see in front of their noses.  Their noses were filled with a odor that smelled like the burning of rotted flesh.  It was enough to make a port-a-potty smell like a fresh meadow full of flowers.  Out of the haze stepped a very dark, shadowy figure.  It emanated heat and a pressure that fell upon the prelates like the air during a tornado, making it hard to breathe, let alone speak. 

However, one of the prelates managed to speak, explaining to the dark figure that the time has begun and that is why they have summned him. At this the dark figure laughed a sinister laugh that bellowed and shook the entire foundation of the Capella Paolina.  Echoing, the voice replied, "You fools.  You know not what you do.  Don't you know that the time has already begun?  I'm already here.  I've been here.  I'm winning.  In the end we shall be victorious, despite what you may have heard.  God will be unseated from his throne and it shall be my reign, supreme.  Nothing is set in stone."  Then the haze began to dissipate into a mist and vanished all together. 

When they were all able to see again, there were divined items left behind where before there was nothing.  After aqcuisition of these pieces, the Catholic Church was careful to hide them in an underground vault.  However, we got one of the pieces that was left on the ground at the spot where the apparition had manifested itself. 

This piece is the pure, raw knowledge of the Bible's secret prophecy; not only the secret prophecy but the full knowledge of the prophecies that have been spoken in parables and in other forms of indirect communication.  Using this piece I was able to see into the Book of Daniel and the Book of Revelation to actually see what was meant, not by reading but by actually seeing the prophecies.  I was also able to decode the secret meanings of the Psalms and Proverbs.  A lot of times these books of the Bible go looked over when it comes to prophecy, because they are some of the most beautiful Bible verses in the Bible.  However, they contain hiddens keys that have been spoken in a way that only the truly wise will fully comprehend. 

THis power will give you the secrets of the seven mansions of wisdom. Where did God come from?  Why do we exist?  What existed before light?  Did anything exist before God?  This piece is the answer to all the question you have or have ever had, because it gives you the sixth prophecy sense to understand the communications of god without confusion or ambiguation.  Plus, it also will develop a psychic connection to Heaven, just as Lucifer had as a angel before he fell from the Right Hand of God.