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I will continue on with information about the Blood General and things I learned in Heaven when I get back. The Blood General is King Louies duplicate. No one is seeing him unless King Louie lets him.

Sightings of a mysterious vanishing figure at a bus stop have been perplexing one driver for months.The driver who wishes to remain anonymous described how he"d observed a strange figure waiting for a bus after midnight when no bus was due.

Deciding to help the person out he pulled up to give them a lift, but found that there was no longer anyone there. He didn"t think too much about the incident until 18 months later when he set eyes upon the same figure wearing the same clothes at the same bus stop, again mysteriously disappearing without a trace as he pulled up nearby to offer assistance.

The driver got off the bus this time and looked aroud, this is the piece that he found on the bus stop bench. He kept having strange visions while this piece was in his presence and he looked for answers and found Haunted Curiosities.

After testing we learned that this belonged to a very strengthened psychic who began to doubt her gift, and as a testament ignored her visions of being abducted at a bus stop... she should have followed her visions, as she was abducted and went missing. This piece was left at the stop and was the only thing investigators ever found.

The piece was put into police custody, as evidence, but somehow it appeared for the bus driver that night. We know it was not by mistake, it was projected there by the psychics spirit.

When working with this piece Deedee used her gift and the implementations of this piece to solve the mystery. The woman was murdered and buried in a shallow grave in Western Alabama. The visions gave Deedee street signs and coordinates. She contacted the police, and after much discourse they looked into it and found the body.

This piece holds the womans energies and powers... the gift will come forth to you and you will be filled with prophetic visions that will change your life!

Awesome way to advance a gift for the resonance of carrying on a womans legend~