White Light Mystic Green Heart

White Light Mystic Green Heart

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Mystic Green Heart

The color of this gemstone is Jade.  I'm not really sure if it's real Jade or not.  However, whomever empower this piece sure treated it as if it was.  I got this piece from Adita, who recovered it during one of her many investigations.  I'm not entirely sure where exactly it comes from. I know Adita said something about it coming from some monk altar.  Either way, i did the investigating and this is what I came up with. 

You see, the reason I say this piece was treated like Jade is because it possesses all the mystical and healing properties of a Jade stone.  Jade is a stone that has been a part of Asian Philosophy for centuries and exists almost as frequently in Asian theology as much as the cross appears in Christ Theology. 

Jade is often referred to as the "dream stone" because of its unique ability to allow the person using the power of its properites to see into non-physical realms.  The powers of jade will give vivid, crystal clear glimpses in the spirit worlds and worlds that are parellel to our own.  It also wards off evil energies.  It will help you manifest your dreams by instilling courage and resourceful energies into your spiritual flow.  It will help you see past your limitations and make your ideas in the spiritual realm come to pass in the physical. 

Jade facilitates peace and harmony-- ying and yang of the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of life.  It fights anxiety and depression. When all these aspects coexist in unison, goals are reached and inner peace will exist within your own soul.  Jade promotes courage, compassion, justice, generosity, humility, wealth, and longevity to promote a richer and more fulfilling life!!

Jade is the very living spirit of success and well being, along with psychic ability, lucid dreaming and receiving prophetic dreams.  If you are looking for the perfect mediumship piece,look no further!!  You're looking at it!!