Accord With the Angels

Accord With the Angels

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I will continue on with information about the Blood General and things I learned in Heaven when I get back. The Blood General is King Louies duplicate. No one is seeing him unless King Louie lets him.

Highgate DNA

I got this piece on an investigation while I was in Highgate Cemetary.  I know that we have had other pieces come from this place, but this one is one that we have been working with for over year, because at first we weren't sure how to get it to work.  After extensive testing, we have finally found the secret that unlocks the power in this ring.  Get ready for all the rush of an exciting amusement park ride, because your about to go on the ride of your life. 

This band holds the energy from an original highgate vampire.  It doesn't actually hold the vampire entity itself, but it can summon it for help for direction.  This piece is designed to release the Vampire DNA that you have locked deep within your own mortal body.  The first think you want to do in press the top part of it to your thumb or forefinger.  It doesn't matter which one, because either way, it will be able to read your DNA.  

Once you have pressed your finger to the ring, leave it there for approximately 33 seconds.  Afterwards, remove the ring and wear in the conventional way, or on a chain as a pendant.  The ring will have already begun to read your DNA and keep the ring on your finger is important during this process.  It holds your Vampire DNA that will need to rebond to your soul to reawaken your true form. 

Once the power in this piece begins, it will awaken a new sense of ability and powers with in you.  Third eye abilities, mind enchantment, and complete hynosis.  The vampire I got this from was an astral walker, so you gain that ability as wll.  It will manipulate your DNA in a way that will give you all the powers of the Highgate vampire (if you don't already have it), without actually physically transforming you which eliminates the need to kill and drink blood!!  That's always pleasant. 

This piece is VERY powerful.  It will give you total Highgate abilities and understanding of all the alchemy and magic this group practices!!   

"Accord with Angels"

You've no likely heard of making a "Deal with the Devil", but they most always end badly.  While the contract enables the person to achieve their greatest dreams, goals, desires, etc,.,- it comes with a HEAVY expiration toll.  It may seem great to have everything that you want, every pleasure sated, every whim catered to... but Hell?!?  Is anything worth that price?  Why on Earth would anyone ever agree to such lunacy?  The Devil is not known to give things away for free and your soul is such an irreplacable commodity.  Are seven years (standard contract) truly worth the eternity of suffering that one has to look forward to for their immortal soul?

What if there were something that offered the exact same promises, but with a much happier ending?  Is it possible that a contract entered into with a celestial being with the exact same stakes and no time limit on those goals?  Although rare, there is something known as an "Accord with Angels", it has the same stipulations- this gift(s) is bestowed upon you (with the exception of immortality) and the only thing asked of you- is your soul.  You were also forbidden to ask for anything fueled by greed, selfishness, that would harm another, or just plain evil in general- or the contract becomes null and void.

There's a story that tells of a man who loved a woman with every fibre of his being, spent every waking moment with her, thought of her when she wasn't around that with such intensity- it was if she still by his side, and loved her with a such a passion that it filled not just his heart- but his entire body and soul.  He kept her safe, protected, and took absolutely every precaution to ensure that she was taken and would be with him beyond eternity. 

Unfortunately, life is full of twists and turns and doesn't always work out the way we hope it will.  The love of his life was taken with a mysterious, painful, debilitating illness and she wasn't given a lot of time to get her affairs in order.  Where the efforts of medical science failed, he turned to other forms of medicine and treatments. 

He consulted Holy men, shamans, mystics, witches, and anyone else that hoped would be able to return her to health.  Many of the people that he sought the aid of turned out to be charlatans and fakers- and they were not cheap.  The man was drained of all the money that the two of them possessed.  The man sacrificed everything that he had to try and find a cure for his beloved.  He sold every possession that they had accumulated together, he sold their cars, he sold everything that he could get anything for- he even sold the house that the two of them shared.  The man even lost his job as his employers had given up wondering when he would return.  He rarely ate, slept, or did anything that would sustain himself.  He had nothing.  He was nothing.  He was a former shell of what he once was and still falling. 

To compound matters, her condition worsened and she started to lose and regain consciousness.   With nothing to his name and nowhere to go, he took up permanent residence beside his loves hospital bed- vowing to never leave her side.  The health insurance was about to run out and she was to be discharged to live out the rest of her days at a house they no longer owned.  He prayed for God to heal her, to take him instead, that he would do whatever it took to make her better.  He was answered by the silence that surrounded him and her condition continued to worsen...and she slipped into a come that doctors gave her no chance of recovery.  He never once cursed God's name, but every moment that he was able to choke back his tears and find his voice- he went back to pleading and begging for the Lord to save this woman. 

One night he was awakened by the sound of one of her the machines beeping with a steady tone.  She was gone.  It felt as though his heart had gone empty.  He had failed her.  He was alone.  Through his bloodshot, heavy eyes and his stinging, painful tears he saw a bright illuminated figure standing next to her hospital bed.  Whether it was dementia from the lack of food and rest or it was a truly miraculous moment- he could see the fully formed angel taking her hand.  He could make out the angel's wings, his robe, his halo, and his kind, gentle face.  The man leapt to his feet and tried to put himself between the angel and the part of him that had just died.  He told that angel that he was not taking her anywhere and that he need to leave her soul right where it was and for him to give her back to him. 

The angel, while continuing to hold her hand, turned to him and looked into his eyes without saying a word.  There was something about the angel's eyes that made the man feel instantly at peace though he was still grieving.  The man heard a warm, gentle voice inside his head telling him that it was "her time" and that he had come to bring her home.  The man responsed without making a sound, "what about her time with me?" and "she has a home right here with me."  You can't take her and you can't have her."  "She's all that I have left in the world."  The angel looked at him with his kind eyes and responded, "She has a much greater purpose to fulfill and she is needed."  The man felt the tears welling up behind his eyes again, despite the angel's soothing effect.  "She's needed here!"  "I have asked that the Lord spare her and to even take me in her place!"  The angel lowered his head and said, "Our Father has heard your prayers, but His Will must be carried out and she is needed at his side."  The man stood there stunned unable to say or feel anything.  He was numb.  He was standing here carrying on a conversation with someone who was about to irrevocably change his life. 

The angel looked into the man's sad eyes and spoke, "What is done, is done and cannot be changed."  "I cannot leave her here with you as that is not in her destiny."  "However, I leave you with this and you will understand."

The man looked down at the object in his hand, his eyes transfixed to it, but was unable to describe it.  It felt warm, yet did not burn his hand.  His mind snapped back into reality and he once again looked at the angel standing next to the woman he loved- even though she was gone. 

The angel looked at the man and gave him a small hint of a smile before turning back towards the bed.  The man watched in disbelief as she appeared to rise before him, unencumbered by any malady, while clutching the angel's hand.  She looked at him and slightly nodded her head in his direction with a look of absoulte joy on her face, for now she seemed to understand her true purpose and was no longer in pain. 

Now standing beside the angel, he opened up his brilliant feathered wings and enveloped her and in a flash of light brighter than the sun- they were gone.  He again, was alone.  He noticed that room was filled with an uncanny warmth, not typically associated with the sterile coldness found in any hospital.  He looked down at what was left of the only woman he would ever love, but after seeing her expression before she was carried off, wasn't filled with the sadness that he expected to feel.  He knew that he missed her, and would never stop, but that she was really and truly in a better place.  There was no pain, she didn't resemble a science experiment with all the tubes and hoses arranged carelessly all over her body.  She was at peace. Peace.  What a wonderful word- so simple and yet so filled with emotion.  Pea-.  His thoughts were interrupted by the angel's voice in head, "that which you have been given will enable you to carry on and live your life."  "This gift shall ensure that you will never be without."  "You shall have money, though you not be rich."  "You shall never be hungry, though you not be gluttonous."  "You shall have shelter, though you not live in great expanse."  "All that is asked in return, that you not follow the devices and temptations of evil."  "For if you do not adhere to what is asked of you, your gift shall be rescinded and you shall know great turmoil."  "Heed these words, and your reunions will be most glorious when you are summoned."  And the voice was gone.
he man was rudely brought back into this world by nurses and doctors shoving and pushing him out of the way.  He could now hear the cacophony of sounds around him- doctors screaming orders, the incessant tones of the machines that kept the woman he loved alive, the scraping of heavy instrument being wheeled and pushed around and into place- all in an attempt to resuscitate the shell that once housed his beloved.  He knew that their efforts were in vane, but found his way out of the rooom- still clutching the precious object that he had been given.

The man lived out the rest of days, as neither prince nor pauper, but with just enough for him to survive.  He recounted this story many years later on his own deathbed, to many it seemed that the apparent ravages of alzheimer's had taken their toll or that he was simply a man losing his grip on reality and had finally let go of the rope.  There were few attending him that really stopped and listened to what he was saying, but there was one who did.  One who believed him.  One that knew he wasn't mad.  One that knew he spoke the Truth.  He was a man touched by a miracle.  He was a man that was near to answering his own calling.  He was man about to go home.  The person who happen to be in the room with him the night he passed, said that just before his final moment- he closed his eyes, smiled with a child-like exuberance, and uttered one single word, "Peace."  After speaking his final word, taking his last breath, and leaving to (no doubt) reunite with the woman he loved- he was gone. 

What little personal effects the man possessed were bundled up until some form of next-of-kin could be notified, and in what little there was- there was note detailing what his final wishes were and how they were to be executed.  Among these, was a small note and an item rolled up in some paper and bound with string.  The note stated, "In the event of my impending demise, What little I have can be donated to charity or disposed of- but this item here, almost as precious as the love I lost many years ago- is to go to the one person (name withheld) here that Believed me and in me."

This story was recounted to us by the person that received this miraculous item.  They said they were happy with their life and that just coming into contact with a piece this powerful that their life had flourished.  What you are looking at here is the item that the man held dear for many, many years.  It will see that are provided for, but not to any extreme.  This is the "Angel's Accord" and it will see that you want for nothing- the only thing that you are required to do is not be wicked (in life or in your heart).  Another interesting thing about this item, is that it directs you towards benevolence and good deeds.  This piece doesn't allow you to be evil or follow it's path.  You will be a good person and you will be rewarded for it.