6... 6.... 6... Degrees of Separation
6... 6.... 6... Degrees of Separation

6... 6.... 6... Degrees of Separation

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I will continue on with information about the Blood General and things I learned in Heaven when I get back. The Blood General is King Louies duplicate. No one is seeing him unless King Louie lets him.

6... 6... 6... Degrees of Separation

The hexagon.  The six-pointed star.  The star.  The Baphomet.  The All-Seeing Eye.  World Religion.  The Devil. 

All of these things share a (surprisingly) common thread with with the planet Saturn...  Until recently, very little was known about the actual planet Saturn- we know of it's origins through astronomy, mythology, literature, and other things that we've been taught.  It wasn't until one of NASA's shuttles returned with many interesting pictures of the planet's surface.  They observed that that is a natural formation on the planet's North Pole that is a perfectly Hexagon with the rudimentary five-pointed symbol in the center that loosely resembles a star.  The odd thing about this is you can either add a triangle to each side of the hexagon to end up with a six-pointed star or simply join the points of the hexagon together and form the six-pointed star in side the hexagon.  Now here's where the mother of all cosmic coincidences comes into play- Saturn; is the 6th planet from the sun, is the root for Saturday (the 6th day), and had this 6 sided geometric shape at it's North Pole.  All of these come together to represent 666.  It's quite a stretch, but look at the hexagon- whether you get the six-pointed star from the outside or indside, each triangle side equals 60 deg.= 3 instances of 60, drop the zero- again 666.  (These work so much better as visuals).  The Number of the Beast.

Now moving onto the star, that appears in the center of that Polar hexagon, this has also been used to represent the Devil as a Baphomet.  This is symbol that uses the inverted star to represent the face of a goat (the Goat of Mendes); the two upright arms of the star represent the horns, the two arms on the side respresent the ears of the goat, and the arm that points down is for the snout (or in some depictions) the beard.  There are other variations for the Baphomet, another version adds a tufted, gathered section of hair coming straight up from the center of the head.  Now if you connect the points from the ears up to the tip of the tufted hair you get a triangle.  Next if you connect the points from the ears down to the snout (beard) you get a triangle pointing in the opposite direction.  If you overlay and combine the two, you get a six-sided star.  Now doing the math again with the triangles, you get 666. 

Another interesting thing that the NASA satellites discovered was the the was an ongoing gigantic storm occuring at Saturn's South Pole.  It resembled a tornado, when viewed from overhead, looked very much like there was an eye in the center of it.  This could represent the All-Seeing eye, but it was disembodied and was missing a few elements for this distinction.  When the satellite was leaving Saturn to go onto whatever they programmed it to do, it captured another startling image.  Saturn was experiencing a solar eclipse at the time and when viewed from a great distance had these brilliant rays of light emanating from everywhere just behind it.  Now add to this formula, a ring with an orb in the center of it- it begins to resemble an eye comprised of the planet's ring, the planet itself creating the eye, and solar illuminatin behind it representing the beams of light that radiate from the All-Seeing Eye. 

Now the truly bizarre thing is that ALL world religions share these symbols and have been prevalent throughout centuries.  From the ancient Babylonians, the Sumerians, the Phoenicians, the Greeks, the Romans, and other races.  These symbols are still in use in present day, they appear in Catholicism, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Freemasonry, Witchcraft and other forms of spirituality.  The six-pointed star is used heavily on the Pope's manstrance, it appears on every religion's churches, synagogues, mosques, temples, shrines, statuary, idolatry, and iconograghy.  The five-pointed star (whether up-right or inverted) is also a very popular symbol that is utilized across the world.  The All-Seeing Eye is employed by many religions and typically is used to represent the Eye of God.  There are other religions that use the iteration of the disembodied eye surrounded by circle- the eye from the center of the tornado at Saturn's South Pole?

How is it that such dissimilar religions share this unifying symbology?  How is it that this common thread exists centuries before the invetion of the telescope, let alone satellite imagery?    How could they have shared this knowledge with one another across such vast expanses?  Does the significance of The Number of the Beast have anything to do with this or is just a mere coincidence?  Let's say that Satan has somehow permeated ALL of the world's religions and left his indelible mark on each- does this mean that everyone has been secretly guilty of Devil worship?  Has evil infiltrated the very core of every sect on the planet? Is Lucifer from Saturn or is it just the planet the he presides over.  There is no way to know for sure, but suffice it say- as much effort as the great Deceiver has put into inserting his brand into every niche of every religion in every country- he has ultimately failed.  No matter the form of demonic imagery the he has instituted or constructed- it's not a question of "What" you pray to, but "Whom".  Satan may have counted on man to begin worshipping these symbols and graven images in place of the Lord, but you don't worship a Cross, a Star, an Eye, or any of those things.  Whatever your religion happens to be, you worship God. Capital G-O-D, in whatever system your belief happens to be- you don't pray to the symbols of that religion...you pray to Whom they represent. 

Religion, inherently, is a great idea- it joins people together with like minded thoughts and beliefs, but it sometimes can become convoluted and conflicts arise from someone else thinking, no believing (which is infinitely more dangerous) that they are right and that those who don't agree with them must be dealt with accordingly.  This may be where the Devil's handiwork comes into play, only he would have something to gain by people turning away from their God and misplacing their faith and falling out of God's favor.  Though it appears he could be responsible for the deceit, just remember your God knows your heart and that's all with which you need to be concerned.

All that being said, feast your eyes on this piece- it is truly powerful.  Wouldn't it be great to have the answers to questions such as this and so many more?  This item has been thoroughly tested and it gives one the amazing ability for their astral form to travel to the Great Hall of Records that is located on another plane and is filled with ancient tomes that chronicle man's existence from the very beginning.  Imagine how exciting it will be to finally have the answers to all of life's mysteries. 

This item was found in a monstery in Europe during an investigation.  It is a token of power and knowledge from the great beyond.  It gives you full comprehension of the powers listed above,  as well as shedding light on secrets and mysteries of the universe.  This piece is symbolic of a divine triangle, although the angles aren't perfect.  They gem in the middle is a thought form that will enlighten your mind to the point of comprehension!!